Mercury in Sagittarius – Cheeky Monkey

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, however it will be in Sagittarius from December 5th until December 24th 2013. This transit will mean Mercury is in detriment as it is in opposition to Gemini and is not entirely comfortable with this placement. A planet in detriment is not something to be too concerned about, particularly if they are in your chart. It mainly means the planet is not functioning to its full potential as it would in its natural sign. Mercury is being challenged and will be kept on its toes trying to maintain its own strengths as well as enhance those of Sagittarius.

As Mercury loves communication and Sagittarius loves sharing knowledge, then some interesting conversations may be on the horizon especially as Mercury has been transiting through the serious, introspective and thoughtful Scorpio. Our thoughts can become more active and excitable but there is the danger of channelling the Sagittarian tactlessness and being a little too blunt so please think before speaking. It will save a lot of embarrassment and hurt feelings.
Intellectual Mercury does thrive under a Sagittarian transit as it is the perfect time to delve into a wide range of topics. Perhaps consider some form of study or travel afar, particularly to a place with a different culture and belief systems. Others may find they will be sharing their experiences of such travels or learning as they reconnect with memories under this Mercurial transit.

Enthusiasm and ideas abound making this a highly creative time especially for those in the fields of advertising, writing or media. It is an excellent time to gather and share ideas or brainstorm. Mercury urges us to think laterally, going beyond our comfort zones and into the infinite realms of possibilities. The energy will be there to be keep us open minded to a variety of concepts, however, be mindful not to get swept along with Sagittarius’s focus on the Big Picture and lose sight of facts or truths. There may be problems putting together all the scattered pieces of information into some coherent sense. Be sure to take notes, not a favourite thing under this cosmic influence, but the wisdom of this suggestion will make sense when Mercury enters Capricorn and these wonderful concepts can be developed and take shape.

Mercury in Sagittarius gives us extra exuberance and playfulness which is fitting for the holiday season. However, internal mental boundaries may need to be put in place during this time. Some of us can be sensitive and not appreciate those cheeky monkey comments coming forth, especially from those native Sagittarians or those with natal Mercury in Sagittarius. Both can be known tactlessness and therefore only opening their mouths to swap their feet. No-one wants to be the brunt of a thoughtless joke or comment.  This celestial influence is perfect for parties and we will be more excited about the socialising and connecting with family, friends and colleagues.

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