Understanding Your Moon Cycle

The Moon spends approximately two and a half days a month in each sign of the zodiac. Because the Moon rules our emotions, this opens up the way for us to experience feelings and soul growth from a new perspective every time the Moon changes signs. You cam find out what sign the Moon is in at any given time but checking it on-line and then use the energy of that sign to your best advantage! Here’s a quick guide to what the Moon in each sign has to offer us – and if the Moon is in either your Sun sign, your Moon sign or your 1st house then her influence will be increased.

Moon in Aries


A great time to start any new venture and to use your initiative. Guard against being too impulsive as this transit can sometimes bring up stressful situations. If you get tension headaches, meditation can help.

Moon in Taurus


Pay attention to your beauty or grooming routine. Relationships should feel more grounded and the Moon in Taurus is wonderful for singles looking to meet someone new!

Moon in Gemini


You could crave variety and you need to stave off boredom by varying your routine.  Good news could arrive as could invitations. Keep your diary up to date.

Moon in Cancer


Even if you feel like staying at home, a Cancer moon is actually a good time to get out and meet people so don’t give in to social withdrawal symptoms. You might feel emotionally fragile. Avoid tear-jerkers at the cinema and have fun instead.

Moon in Leo


Moon in Leo can tempt you to spending more than your budget – usually on something glamourous. You may be short-tempered especially if you feel someone is stealing your thunder. This won’t last however.

Moon in Virgo


Avoid confrontations at work and attend to practical matters especially in your daily routine and at home. You may be more critical of yourself and others at this time so try positive affirmations instead.

Moon in Libra


Your diplomatic skills will be at a peak so use this time to resolve problems, smooth ruffled feathers or mend bridges. Relationships should go smoothly but you will want to spend the time together rather than going out and socialising as a couple.

Moon in Scorpio


Focus on your long term plans and goals as this is a wonderful time for change or starting in a new direction. Your sex life could sizzle but beware of jealousy as this Moon can have you feeling insecure one minute and a sex goddess or god the next!

Moon in Sagittarius


Embarking on a long distance journey, exam, course of study, legal venture or anything that expands your world in some way is favoured under this moon. You’ll easily make the right impression – whether you’re trying to or not.

Moon in Capricorn

Long term career plans, relationships and establishing something for the future are the kind of ventures this moon favours. You’ll feel very conscious of time passing under its influence – either very slowly or it will go by in a flash!

Moon in Aquarius


Your social life should be in focus and new friendships and business connections can be made. You may have moments of pure genius and ideas which come out of the blue. Utilise them as this Moon is linked to your long term goals and dreams!

Moon in Pisces


Your empathy is at a peak as is your intuition. However, your emotional vulnerability is something you need to watch as others may take advantage of you. Give new connections time to grow on you. People may not be what they seem.

Remember – the great thing about the Moon in each sign is that it doesn’t spend long there. It gives us just enough time to experience a certain emotional energy before moving on. And once you know what sign the Moon is heading into next you can be prepared for what’s likely to happen. When we understand our emotional responses we can change our reaction – this is the true emotional empowerment the Moon in each sign is trying to teach us.

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