Venus Retrograde – Love decluttering!


Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Hang onto your hearts! Venus will be going in a retrograde motion from 21st December 2013 until 31st January 2014. As Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, the emphasis will be evaluating and re-assessing the value of our possessions and relationships. Whilst in Capricorn Venus gives us the power to be more capable of distancing ourselves from any newfound awareness and discerning the worth of our closest relationships and the degree of happiness they bring. Relationships are not the only focus. Items of beauty or our personal appearance could be under the spotlight. Making a concerted effort with a New Year’s resolutions list could be the perfect way to see where change can occur within our psyche and personal surroundings. Remember, however, that this is a time of reflection, of going internally and not projecting any of your feelings of doubt or insecurity. Action is not on the agenda but a plan is. Truly loving yourself, for who you are, and your inner beauty is key to making the most of Venus retrograde.

It is best to avoid any petty arguments or squabbles at this time as they will only make matters worse. No relationship is perfect and it requires work to maintain harmony and balance as the individuals involved grow and evolve. The Venus retrograde gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate the severity of issues within relationships and whether they can be resolved. If there is no solution, then the time to end the relationship, be it with a friend, relative or lover, is when Venus goes direct. By that time we can carefully articulate why the situation is not mutually beneficial to either party.

On the subject of beautifications, either personally or with our surroundings, it may be time to go through drawers and wardrobes to see what we have outgrown and no longer reflects the person we are now. Being retrograde in Capricorn Venus will give us the strength to emotionally detach ourselves from these items and decide whether to sell them or pass onto charity when it goes direct. Re-arranging the furniture is another way of putting this cosmic energy to good purpose. Maybe picking up some paint samples to see what would suit the walls?

Cosmetic surgery or committing to a radically different hair style is not always advisable unless Venus retrograde is in the birth chart. Venus retro tells us that beauty comes from within and to look back into the past for where you gathered your views on how beautiful you are.

This is a great time to declutter our closets, both figuratively and literally. Being honest with ourselves is the key to personal harmony and happiness. Do not be afraid to delve deep to find what is needed in relationships. For instance, a friend may be great to socialise with but lousy with giving a shoulder to cry on. If that particular aspect of the relationship is unsatisfactory then accept this and either move on or ensure you seek it elsewhere.

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