Super New Moon In Capricorn – Kaboom!

Happy Super Moon New Year!

2014 is starting off with not only a New Moon but a Super Moon. This makes the energy even more potent and intense. A fabulous but unrelenting way to implement those New Year’s resolutions. This New Moon is also part of a five planet stellium which includes the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto. The Moon is conjunct all of those planets except for Venus who is currently retrograde and is adding to the sensitivity of this powerful stellium.

Though the Moon is considered to be in detriment when in Capricorn as this sign is in opposition to its natural sign of Cancer, when it’s a new moon it gifts us a time to reassess our dreams, goals and ambitions. There is an urge to be serious about our responsibilities, not only to ourselves, but to others and our surroundings. Improvements are always needed in our lives, but with this New Moon, it is helping us specify where that need is.

Not only is the New Moon conjunct Mercury and Pluto but it is also part of the Cardinal Grand Cross between Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra which has been making a brief visit before it returns for a longer duration in April 2014.  This is an opportunity to look what needs to be done in our lives and take action, make changes and be ready for what the world and the universe has to offer later this year! Pluto is about change and though we can look at that as being a negative, when we let go of outdated beliefs and step outside of our comfort zone we can sometimes be pleasantly surprised. Alright, going through it’s not always fun but it gives us the tenacity to do it!

This New Moon may give a personal edge to the Cardinal Grand Cross so some of that Capricorn caution should be taken as well. Emotions may be stirred with Mercury giving them words and Pluto power to say them. Those words may have more impact than intended and the backlash more heated than anticipated.  Instead, we would all be better off exercising restraint and venting this energy from these outer planets. This energy is trying to push us into shifting our consciousness by rousing our subconscious into letting go of what no longer works. What structures, using a Capricorn term, need renovating? Excessive lifestyle choices, unsatisfying jobs, empty or aimless relationships or low self-esteem are just examples of what we need to let go of and stern daddy Capricorn may make that impossible to ignore.

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