Your Chart: Earth, Air, Fire and Water: Do You Have an Element Deficit?

Most of us are aware that the signs of the Zodiac are divided up into ‘elements’ – earth, air, fire and water which each element assigned to three signs. Ideally, in our charts we have a balance of all four with planets in all the elements. However – for most of us this is rarely the case!

If you have your birthchart handy you can take a look and see where your planets are and if you don’t the great thing about this is you don’t need to know your birthtime to generate this kind of chart. When we lack an element in our charts – or if one element dominates, then we say you lack a certain type of energy in your life. For example – if you have a lot of air sign energy in your chart chances are you have loads of ideas – but you can’t get them ‘off the ground’ – so you need the support of someone ‘grounded’ – in other words with lots of earth energy to help you.

The Element of Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius


Fire comes across as the most positive of the elements as obviously we associate this with warmth. Fire people are usually warm and outgoing but they can be impulsive and also try to force events – in other words they can rush. The problem with too much fire is that fire people can be thoughtless, reckless, impatient, extravagant or fail to consider others’ needs. If you have low fire energy in your chart then associate with others who have some. Do something physical as this will connect you to your inspiration and through this you will start to do something with your ideas. Too much fire? Look to Water Signs. They will put you back in touch with your emotional side and when we combine fire and water we don’t get a fizzle – we get steam – which can power you on to even greater heights provided you harness it.

The Element of Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Practical and grounded, Earth-element people are the builders, do-ers and detail-oriented signs without which nothing would ever be built or established. The Earth is our home, our source of food and support. Earth people seek to create something tangible and lasting and are not afraid of hard working or taking the time to establish their goals. They can however become entrenched in their beliefs and sceptical about the spiritual side of life as well as becoming too materialistic, cautious and conservative in their thinking. If you have low Earth energy you may feel unsupported, that you don’t fit in anywhere or even overwhelmed by day to day tasks of responsibilities. If this resonates then turn to practical earth-sign types for help and be open about it – the thing is they love to put things in order and help! Too much Earth in your chart? Head for those fun, free-thinking Air signs who will put you in touch with the lighter side of life as well as new ways of thinking. Feeling dry and crusty or emotionally closed-off? Call on a water sign who will put you back into the ‘flow’.

The Element of Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Like fire signs, air signs are positive and outgoing. They are more persistent but perhaps less assertive than fire however. They love to communicate and share their ideas but can sometimes run into problems when it comes to expressing their emotions. The element of air brings you the ability to cooperate with others, seek the truth and spread ideas. But they can also be all talk and no action! There is also a tendency to loose touch with reality and live entirely in their own thoughts. If you have ever heard someone referred to as a ‘space cadet’ – then chances are they have too much air in their charts. If you are lacking air in your chart you may often find yourself unwilling to talk and shy about ‘speaking up’ and voicing your ideas. You may take things personally and lose touch with reality. Write, join a group like Toastmaster’s and above all – breathe – that’s what air is all about. If you have ideas but don’t know how to make them happen as I said before – those Earth signs are who you need to connect with!

The Element of Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces


The most complex of the elements and the one without which all life would not exist. Water is all about our feelings and if you have plenty of water in your chart then you are caring, sensitive and have compassion for others. Water people react as opposed to act and there is a tendency to withdraw when they find something upsetting in order to protect themselves as their feelings can literally overwhelm them. Psychic ability is associated with water and water signs planets are always prominent in the charts of psychics. Because of their acute sensitivity and overwhelming feelings water energy people may turn to drugs or other forms of escapism if life becomes too much to bear. If you have low water energy you may find yourself emotionally blocked or uncomfortable around people you see as ‘overly emotional’. Your energy may be low. Try to be around or near water, go swimming and if this isn’t possible consider an indoor fountain or even an aquarium to help balance your energy. Seek out water sign people. If you have too much water in your chart then those impulsive fire and air signs will soon have you emerging from your shell and seeing the lighter side of life while you will irrigate those earth signs like no other.

If you have planets across all four elements in your chart then congratulations! You have the power of Earth, Air, Fire and Water at your disposal. For most of us however, one or two elements usually dominate. If you’re lacking  planet in al element – or have too much of one, you now know how to correct the imbalance and step into your true elemental power!

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