Your Easy Guide to astrology Transits

We know how planetary transits effect our lives, our emotions and even events and other people around us. The planets make angles – known as transits, to one another in our charts and this is what ‘triggers’ the energy which results in certain events. Every week and also in my monthly forecasts I try to give you as much information as possible about what is going on for your sign and what areas of your life will be most affected. Obviously it’s impossible to go into every possible permutation or event that a particular transit can bring about without making the forecasts so long even the Virgos out there would feel their attention wandering!

My aim is to deliver the empowerment of astrology to anyone out there who is interested in understanding what an incredible soul-growth tool astrology is. I’m all about de-mystifying it as well. So, to help turn you into a Astro Expert I’ve prepared this quick and easy quite to transits which you can refer to for additional information when you are looking at your forecast here or you can amaze your friends with your interpretation of their charts.

Conjunction: A powerful, often expansive transit that usually brings with it a big shift and release of energy leading to major events and changes especially if it involves your ruling planet or the ruler of your ascendant

Trine: An positive and easy, free-flowing release of energy

Sextile: Another harmonious transit but not as powerful as a trine. However, the sextile contains the promise of realising the potential of the transit if you follow through with positive action

Square: A tense and often challenging transit which can bring difficulties

Opposition: Another intense transit that can throw up soul-stretching events and challenges. However, without oppositions we would remain static and not grow!

Semi-Sextile: This is what I call a Sextile Light! It’s a very light hearted kind of transit and usually doesn’t have a big impact on us except to make things flow smoothly

Inconjunct or Quincunx: This is a highly energetic transit and one that is often misunderstood. It can often throw up frustrations, set-backs or challenges for us but at the same time it contains massive potential for transformation – usually though this only happens after we have dealt with a crisis. The quincunx asks us to redirect or reconcile energy in some way. If your life is out-of-balance – say your work/life balance for example, then quincunx energy could well manifest in the form of an illness which makes you take time off work and allows you to see where things have become unbalanced and take steps to rectify this. The quincunx is all about reconciliation on some level especially if we have compartmentalised our lives.

The thing to remember with astrology is that at the end of the day it’s all about observation – which is how it’s evolved over thousands of years. Keep a note of your interpretations of a transit in your journal – just as you would your Tarot readings so you can refer back to them. Knowing what energy is available to you with transits allows you to work with it – not against it, which is the gift astrology brings us.

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