Weekly Astrology Overview February 17

18th – Sun enters Pisces

18th – Cardinal Grand Cross: Moon in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries square Jupiter in Cancer square Moon in Libra

19th – 3 Planet Stellium in Pisces

19th – Moon/Mars conjunct in Libra

20th – Grand Water Trine: Sun/Neptune conjunct in Pisces trine Moon in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Cancer trine Sun/Neptune conjunct in Pisces

21st – T-square: Jupiter in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn. Both opposition Uranus in Aries

22nd – Moon in Sagittarius square Sun/Neptune conjunct in Pisces

  • An opportunity for spiritual and learning expansion to take place
  • Don’t ignore soul wounds
  • Redress emotional imbalance

Happy Birthday, Pisces! The Sun enters your sign from the 18th and will meet ruler Neptune in here a few days later promising you increased empathy, intuitiveness and ethereal-style creativity for the coming year – well, more than usual for you in any case! Three planets are in your sign this week – the Sun, Neptune and the slightly mysterious and healing Chiron intent on exposing soul-wounds in order for healing to take place. Of course, for this to happen we need to acknowledge we are wounded in the first place so please whether you are a sensitive Pisces who may want to shy away from these things or not – time to rip off the Band Aid of the soul you’ve slapped on it and let the true healing begin. Neptune of course may not be helping here as he will encourage you to either look away or take refuge in denial and/or escapism. ‘I’m okay, really’ you sob whilst chugging down another glass of wine. Be brave and understand that on some level we are all wounded no matter the confident and successful face we may be showing to the world.

The 18th has the Moon in Libra trigger another Cardinal Grand Cross. Jupiter remains retrograde in Cancer don’t forget so at present there may be a feeling that you’ve seen or heard all this before and it pushes the same emotional buttons. Mars is thankfully out of orb of the Grand Cross but the Moon will meet him in Libra the following day hopefully encouraging us to redress any emotional imbalances rather than creating a few more.

The 20th sees the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces reaching out towards the Moon now in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer dredging up deep perhaps unacknowledged feelings that demand expression or transformation.

The T-Square of the 21st focuses its tension on Uranus in Aries and depending on the sector of your chart it occurs in the unexpected and actions that involve outside the square thinking may be called for. Meanwhile the Moon has arrived in the sign of the explorer/philosopher Sagittarius and will square the Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces on the 22nd. There is more common ground here than one might think. Connect to higher wisdom and intuition. Watch for synchronicities. Both signs are concerned about higher learning and intuitively following the path towards that. Allow new ideas to germinate and see the bigger picture in all things this week.


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