What’s Going on With Our Weather? Look to the Stars!

This winter we’ve seen Niagara Falls freeze as arctic conditions hit the United States. Meanwhile in the UK vast tracts of the country lie underwater, biblical-sized waves lash the coastline and in Sweden its been reported that bears are waking from their hibernation early due to the unseasonably mild temperatures while NASA reports from the Grace satellite indicate that parts of California may run out of water in as little as 60 days. All this begs the question: what’s going on with our weather?

There can be little doubt that we are experiencing the effects on global warming on our weather systems. And that we have been the authors of our own (and the planets) misfortunes in this instance. It’s not just the weather systems that have been thrown into chaos either – it seems that freak weather conditions and political turmoil seem to go hand-in-hand if we look at the news. If we are to look at this from a quantum perspective – that everything in the universe is connected, then we could say that the extreme weather reflects the extreme unrest we are experiencing at the moment – and the series of Cardinal Grand Crosses we’ve seen forming of late are partially responsible for this.

We are facing a challenging time and having to deal with the results of us all living as if we are apart from nature instead of part of it. But the new planetary energy that’s being felt in the collective as a result of the discovery of planets such as Sedna, Haumea and Quaoa not only provide an explanation as to why the weather is so extreme – they also offer us a way to begin repairing the damage and reverse the process of global warming. Sedna and Haumea are named after female deities – a welcome change after the masculine dominating the planetary line-up for so long. They are both also goddesses of the environment. Sedna rules the pristine arctic regions and the wonderful wildlife of both the land and the sea of these areas. Haumea is a tropical goddess from Hawaii and rules creation, birth and nature as well as the environments of these areas of the globe. You have only got to look at a map which shows the oceanic currents to see how these regions are connected even though they are thousands of miles apart geographically. Quaoa (pronounced Kwah-wah) is the name given to the creation force by the Native American tribes who were the original inhabitants of the Los Angeles area. Quaoa links us to universal wisdom.

Right now, Sedna sits at 23 degrees of earthy Taurus, Haumea at 21 degrees of Libra the sign of balance and sextiles Quaoa at 26 degrees of Sagittarius – the sign of expansion, the outdoors and higher learning. Those of you who instantly recognised this as a Yod – go to the top of the Astrology class! Those of you who also quickly grasped the fact that Mars is going to be going backwards and forwards over Haumea between now and July – you get an extra gold star! So we can see how these new planets are creating a very tense aspect – one that can only result in more challenges but which are sent to alert us to the fact that a terrible imbalance exists and it is up to us to do something to rectify it. Quaoa linking us into universal wisdom can provide us with the means to do this provided we are prepared to make the changes necessary and act on the information we are given which may manifest in ‘big ideas’ and ways to clean up our environment and life more sustainable lives on a global scale.

With the Cardinal Grand Crosses set to continue a while longer and the fact that these three ‘new’ planets are slow moving and remain in orb for a long time, we may have our work cut out for us – and have to prepare for our weather to continue to challenge us. But in the longer term we will be offered solutions which could result in not only us healing our planet, but healing ourselves as a collective as well.

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