Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview February 24

24th – Moon in Sagittarius sextile Mars in Libra

28th – Mercury direct in Aquarius

1st – New Moon in Pisces

1st – Mars retrograde in Libra

1st – 4 Planet Stellium in Pisces

1st – Sun/Moon/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn

2nd – Saturn retrograde in Scorpio

  • Access global and environmental wisdom
  • Balance out your partnership needs
  • Re-link to people and goals

Themes around spiritual ecology and placement could emerge this week. Are you living in harmony with your environment or is something ‘out of kilter’? The word geomancy means divination, or foresight by earth. Basically, it is the art of using various tools to access the hidden knowledge one is seeking; most often by connecting to the energy of earth. The climate change effects we are experiencing right now are a result of us becoming disconnected with the earth’s eco-systems but this can happen at a personal level as well as a collective one.

First however, the Moon in Sagittarius makes a freedom-inducing move on Mars in Libra on the 24th asking us to balance our need to be connected with learning and freedom. Does your partnership liberate or stifle you? The 28th sees Mercury finally move forward again in Aquarius re-linking you back to your goals which have hopefully undergone refinement during this period. Time to take action on them now.

We’re back to linking to wisdom and earth energy as the new Moon appears in Pisces on the 1st – the same day as Mars turns retrograde in Libra hopefully bringing balance back into partnerships rather than both parties wanting things on their own terms. Four planets now sit in Pisces – the Sun, Moon, Neptune and Chiron and these four will make a fabulous aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. The following day Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) turns retrograde in Scorpio (the sign Pluto rules). These two planets are in what we astrologers call mutual reception. In other words, they are ‘talking’ to each other. Capricorn and Saturn represent structure while Pluto and Scorpio are all about transformation. We have the fabulous energy of Pisces affecting this which could allow us to re-imagine what we build to allow us to connect to that earthly wisdom. The connection can be seen clearly in geomancy and how it is used in the Far East. Large corporations pay literally millions of dollars to geomancers to align their corporate headquarters in a positive way. In Hong Kong a few years ago the geomancy wars erupted as corporations would not only pay geomancers to ensure their buildings were positively aligned but also that the placement of the building disrupted the positive flow of energy to their neighbouring competitors! Of course this is an example of big business using this kind of knowledge in a negative way. What will hopefully happen now is that we use it to align with our environment in a positive one. Tap into the wisdom of earth energy now.

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