Double Trouble? The Double Cardinal Grand Cross of April 2014

American astrologer Susan Miller has said she thinks April 2014 is so scary she is giving special workshops on it. But is it really the end of the world as we know it as some astrologers might have you believing or the creation of a new world order? Well, I’m going for the latter but that doesn’t mean to say we don’t have some birth pangs to go through before it’s established.

Now, this double whammy of a Cardinal Grand Cross occurs with the major players more of less within one or two degrees of each other. Because of there is only one or two degrees between the angles it is more or less exact. It is a double whammy due to the Sun, Mercury and Uranus all hanging around one another in Aries. Then we have Jupiter in Cancer, retrograde Mars in Libra and of course – Pluto in Capricorn.

The themes we could see with this particular Cardinal Grand Cross are all around exposure – things being revealed for what they are and those in power who have been abusing it well and truly outed. As Mars is retrograde we could see people, organisations, companies and even entire structures revealed as nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing. There could literally be a soul shakedown party to preface Bob Marley, going down on a global scale. Banksters, paedophiles, organisations who conspire to manipulate and keep people in the dark or control them, crises that awaken us on some level; personal, corporate, political and societal irresponsibility – expect all these to surface now. There’s a theme around the majority having to pay for something the minority has created – of recognising this and for demanding a change as a result. Those who have acted recklessly, especially if they have operated from positions of power, may now find themselves quite literally with no place to hide as the spotlight hits them.

Now, before you all run off and take refuge in Neptunian escapism to avoid all this doom and gloom, let me say that it doesn’t have to be this way at all and certainly not on an individual level. Yes of course we can be affected by events which occur in the wider world. But what we have to remember is that the Cardinal Signs are the fabulous instigators and creators of the zodiac! So, when we look at it another way, we all have opportunities to bring about changes to our outer world and perhaps change things that are no longer working for us. To start the process all we often need do is to look at an area of our life and acknowledge it needs to change. This of course does take courage and honesty. As the Cardinal Signs all mark turning points of the year – the Spring and Autumn Equinxoes (Aries and Libra) and the Summer and Winter Solstice (Cancer and Capricorn), a good way to approach the Grand Crosses is to see them as turning points too. To creatively engage with them start to think: ‘Things must change – and I must change them’.

All we can do as individuals is change ourselves and our own small world and know that this energy DOES impact on the collective. The energy of these Grand Crosses can be used for good – but also for its reverse. But what do you choose in your own life? That’s the question. Look to what the Cardinal Houses rule. Aries is our idea of who we are and how we are in the world and new beginnings. Cancer rules home, family, traditions and what we need to feel safe and secure. Libra is about us and others as well as balance, justice and the truth while Capricorn represents established systems, reputation and what we establish for ourselves.

As we heard into Grand Cross month, look closely at the areas of your life the Cardinal Signs rule and pick one or as many areas where you feel change is long overdue. Direct your energy towards that and you will not only have the change you want to see in your life – you can become the change you want to see in your world.

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