Your Venus Sign Dating Secrets – Venus in Sagittarius

Don’t fence me in’. It’s not that Venus in Sag doesn’t want to be partnered-up. What they are seeking however is a fellow free-spirit to run with. However, at the first sign of anyone attempting to restrict their sense of freedom, they are heading for the hills – usually at a flat-out gallop. Neediness, clinginess, co-dependency and smothering behaviour – total no-no’s with this Venus position. Love will usually be seen as a journey or an adventure and you are seeking a fellow explorer. A sense of humour is a must for this Venus position as is a lifelong desire to continue learning. You love travel and well travelled people, the outdoors, books, calculated risk-taking and people who hold strongly to their ideals and beliefs. Turn-offs include suburban or small-town attitudes, routines and people who don’t get the joke.

So, why are you still single? Your fear of being tied down may lead you to rebuff potential partners without even realising you’re doing it. It goes like this: you’re with someone you are actually attracted to and this can often be someone who is also a good friend as well so they are probably ticking a hell of a lot of boxes with you. You feel comfortable around them. Suddenly the atmosphere changes and gets more serious – more romantic. They may even move in for a kiss. And you go and scupper the situation with an ill-timed joke or caustically witty comment leading them to think you’re just not interested and this was your way of tactfully rebuffing them. Both of you usually end up totally confused about why this didn’t go anywhere. Sound familiar?

If you are now prepared to look closely at the vibes you have been sending out and are willing to be a bit more come hither, where is your adventurous, idealistic, funny and freedom-loving partner likely to be found? Who are they? And just where in the world are they? This Venus placement is likely to meet someone while travelling more than any other – and the more exotic and further from your place of residence and the more adventurous the journey – all the better the chance to meet your ideal match.  Sagittarius is the 9th house of the zodiac and as well as ruling long-distance travel and foreigners rules the law, mass media and communications, higher education, sports, the outdoors and large animals (larger than a dog) and speculative ventures. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter which is of course the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter tends to ‘big things up’ – so we are also talking about people who come across as slightly larger than life. This may not necessarily be in relation to their actual size but they can be living life on a larger scale than usual – something which you would find appealing.

Your ideal match could be working as one of the following:

A stand-up comedian

A travel agent

A zoo keeper

A professional poker player

A professor

A safari guide

A New Age teacher or spiritual guru

A media tycoon

A lawyer

A teacher

A sportsperson or professional sports coach

A horse whisperer

A tour guide

A philosopher

An eco-warrior

An explorer

Remember, if love has been elusive – be open-minded. That is what these Venus dating guides are all about. There is no need to sign up for an activity if it really doesn’t appeal to you. However, if you find yourself at a venue or attending something in your list or which brings you into contact with the themes or people I have mentioned, then be on high alert – love could be found where you least expect it!







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