Jupiter in Leo Forecast for Every Sign

If you’ve not already done so, read my other article about Jupiter’s arrival in star-struck, show-stopping Leo first. Jupiter changes signs every 12 months – so he takes 12 years to transit every sign of the zodiac. Think back 12 years as to what was happening in your life then and get ready for similar themes to emerge. Armed with your Jupiter forecast you’ll be able to make the most of the opportunities the luckiest planet in the solar system is sending your way. Remember – it’s all about expansion and learning and Jupiter in Leo will make certain that this takes place via creating something that offers pleasure, fun – or both!



Jupiter is in your 5th house of romance, love affairs, passion, pleasure and creative ventures. Children could also be a theme for you this year as of course, they represent our ultimate creations. Your world could expand via a significant romance and this could well be with someone from overseas or with overseas connections. There could well be something ‘larger than life’ about them. You’ll love the fact they are as outgoing as you are. Jupiter in here is all about releasing your potential and realising it. Jupiter in here gives you real self-confidence which strangely you may have been lacking in the past and due to this you may have come across as bossy rather than competent. Jupiter now allows you to express yourself in relationships in a way you have only dreamed about before – and that goes for business relationships as well as personal ones. You become a true powerhouse for passion in whatever way you choose to express this. Because Jupiter in here will amp up your passion the only danger is that you will take on more than you can handle and also, you are in a mood to be generous to those you love and care about. Just don’t go overboard with that either and over-spend. You won’t settle for second best this year and that will start with you being the very best you that you can be.



Jupiter is now in your 4th of your home, family and long term security needs, Taurus. You could be set to benefit from the generosity of females – either your mother or a female relative or even an older woman friend or a female you live with. Jupiter is shining on all real estate dealings in here and it is all about thinking in the long term now. This is a wonderful transit under which to take on a mortgage or buy a house and some of you who have been struggling to get a foot on the property ladder could see themselves ascending that rung this year. Home improvements and renovations will be undertaken for those of you who are already settled and even if you are just renting, you will possibly upgrade to a better residence this year – and find you get a much bigger and better property than you thought you would. If moving has been on your mind for some time now is the time to take action towards that no matter what your current circumstances. Don’t forget – you can be just as secure in a rented home as you can in one you are buying and this year is all about your long term security and Jupiter just wants to enhance that in some way. Long term business plans could also pay off and any extra money you make is likely to be spend on a home one way or another. Just don’t borrow more than you can afford to pay back if there are increases in interest rates and set a budget for home improvements and be sure to stick to it as Jupiter can encourage you to blow it. But Jupiter in here brings success with long term investments – with the added bonus of domestic bliss!



You are at your most persuasive and engaging with Jupiter in your 3rd, Gemini. People will want to know you and better yet – they will be swayed by your ideas. With Jupiter in here you will have no trouble getting those ideas across – and selling them in. This is a fabulous transit for anything to do with communications or publishing and if you work in these areas – or are working on a pitch or project such as a proposal, pitch or manuscript, then Jupiter could just be about to hand you success. You could even dust off a project you had going 12 years ago to see it reach the success you were aiming for back then. Invitations will flow in, your inbox will overflow and your phone will ring off the hook. Travel and journeys will also feature as will how you get around. Some of you may well upgrade how you get around this year and this is an excellent transit under which to buy that new car (provided ruler Mercury is not retrograde of course!). Don’t just sit back and enjoy being the centre of attention however. To really maximise the benefits of Jupiter in here you have to use your powers of persuasion to advance your goals. Take a calculated risk as luck is on your side. For example, if there is someone you have always wanted to work for contact them and make a sales pitch as to why their company can’t do without you – whether they are advertising a position or not. You may be surprised at the result. Don’t just talk a good game you need to bring that game on. If you concentrate on that you’ll end up a winner on some level in the next 12 months.



Jupiter heads out of your sign and on into your area of finances and self-worth asking you if you believe you deserve to be rich. What’s your answer? Of course, you know there’s no such thing as a free lunch but the key to maximising the effects of Jupiter in here as well as your bank account is to understand that what Jupiter in here delivers matches your sense of self-worth. Work on your values and you’ll have more to value. At some point during Jupiter’s transit through this house you will be offered the opportunity to earn more than you have been doing in the past with perhaps money left over to invest if you are wise. Jupiter in here will allow you to see if you have been harbouring a poverty mentality on any level. In the words of Mike Todd, film producer, husband of Elizabeth Taylor and fellow Cancerian: ‘I’ve been broke but I’ve never been poor. Being broke is temporary. Being poor is a state of mind.’ Jupiter will allow you to experience fun and learning via how you manage your money and how you earn it so put your talents to good use as these are assets just like cold hard cash but assets nobody can take from you and which are recession proof. Money is merely energy and a reflection of how we use our power. The only down-side to Jupiter in here is that he can make you spend the money as fast as you earn it so guard against extravagance. If you do then you should see not just your bank account increase but also you’ll have a better sense of self-worth you can bank on as well.



Get ready for super-stardom! You now have a once in 12 year opportunity to realise your dreams -whatever form they take. And here’s the thing with Jupiter in your sign – you need to guard against just dreaming big – it’s all about taking big steps towards those dreams. Heaven helps those who help themselves. Jupiter is there to give you a helping hand which may come in the form of you being in exactly the right place at the right time – but you have to make certain you are there in the first place! It’s a time for you to be seen so whatever you do – don’t stay home and accept all and any invitations that come your way. Hold you head high and strut your stuff. Let others know who you are and what you are hoping to achieve – not in an arrogant way but in that engaging way only you can manage. Above all, when success arrives don’t forget to thank those who helped you or to take those people with you that deserve it. Some of you could find yourselves off on a radically different career path or business venture than you originally envisaged. Others could see themselves travelling or even moving overseas. If offered something different why not take a calculated risk and say ‘yes’? It could pay off for you big-time now and in ways you might not at first envisage. No matter who or what turns up now it’s all intended to allow you to shine in some way. Your generosity will be stimulated but try to focus on ways you can be generous with your love and time rather than your cash. Not only will you then not run the risk of over-spending but you’ll be happy to discover that your love and time was what people wanted in the first place – not what you might buy them. Emotional and personal freedom and fulfilment is yours. It’s time for something big.



Material concerns will matter less to you now as you search for a deeper meaning to your life, Virgo. Sometimes you may get into a panic wondering why you are not overly concerned about success or money right now. For everything there is a season and Jupiter in Leo and your mysterious 12th house is set to put you in touch with spiritual truths and higher learning. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly want to take a gap year and go off and volunteer at an orphanage in Africa or go on a spiritual retreat in Nepal. Some of you may literally have an Eat, Pray, Love type of year as this is a year when Quest Physics applies. If you’ve not read the book or seen the film it goes like this: ‘In the end, I’ve come to believe in something I call “The Physics of the Quest.” A force in nature governed by laws as real as the laws of gravity. The rule of Quest Physics goes something like this: If you’re brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting, which can be anything from your house to bitter, old resentments, and set out on a truth-seeking journey, either externally or internally, and if you are truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher and if you are prepared, most of all, to face and forgive some very difficult realities about yourself, then the truth will not be withheld from you.’ Okay, so some of you may now be saying ‘Dunno about that. All those other signs are getting opportunities. Where’s mine?’ Jupiter in here bring you increased self-knowledge, the ability to see where you’ve been holding yourself back and therefore you can recognise opportunities you would have been blind to in the past. You’re being prepared for a completely new phase of life which will begin when Jupiter arrives in your sign in 12 months time. In the interim – you’ll see the world with new clarity and appreciate all it has to offer you as never before.


Jupiter enters your house of friends and contacts of all kinds as well as your goals, wishes and dreams. This is the area of your chart where the universe says ‘Yes’ and with Jupiter in here you could get a big ‘YES’ and a long term goal could turn into a reality now. Jupiter in your 11th also delivers influential friends and business contacts so bear in mind that the people who enter your life now could be instrumental in bringing about that goal manifestation. It is therefore going to be important to let people know what it is you are trying to achieve so they can help you if they are in a position to. Your world will expand via the people you come into contact with. Put yourself out there and if you have been thinking about joining an organisation or group now is the time. Accept all invitations that come your way even if at first glance they might not be your ‘thing’ or you’re not certain who will be there. That event you initially have doubt about may in fact turn out to be pivotal and connect you to that person who makes it all possible for you. As your social and professional circle expands so will your sphere of influence and of course, your ability to have fun and enjoy yourself. Large scale events will also feature and you could end up attending these or even being part of one. You will be very much the life and soul of the party but please don’t overindulge too much as Jupiter can make you overstep your limits – and that includes splurging on yet another party outfit in which to make an entrance. How people perceive you is going to shift and you may be surprised that you are seen as someone powerful or someone to emulate or look up to. Get clear about what it is you most want to see come to pass in your life – the wish that’s closest to your heart and see Jupiter bring it within reach during the next 12 months.


Jupiter is about to super-size your ambitions over the next 12 months, Scorpio. Some of you may make career-defining moves. That corner office could be yours while others may suddenly break out in a new direction which turns out to be even more successful than the path they were already on. You are tapped into your personal power like never before and feel that the sky is the limit. If success, recognition and the serious rewards that go with that have been on your mind then Jupiter in your 10th is set to deliver. But although others may see you as just being lucky, Jupiter in this house of your chart embodies the saying ‘It took me 12 years to become an overnight sensation’. Think back to the last time Jupiter was in here – 12 years ago. The seeds you planted then could well come to fruition now and you’ll know luck has very little to do with it. That doesn’t mean to say it isn’t playing a part however. If you are female this sector of your chart also rules the status of your partner. Some of you may therefore benefit from your partner’s success as opposed to your own. Singles could find this transit manifests in the form of a romantic partner who is very successful or who people see as being a ‘catch’ who lavishes love and generosity on you. Don’t block the flow by doing a Wayne’s World ‘We’re not worthy’ number. Yes you are! It’s not a time to ignore your work/life balance no matter how compelling your career is right now and this is where Jupiter in here can lead you astray. If you ignore loved ones and your home life then your achievements will turn into hollow victories. But so long as you keep things in perspective, you’re taking rungs up the ladder of success two at a time this year.


Jupiter is in his own house in your chart – the 9th so you’re going to feel right at home with him in here and also looking forward to him delivering all things Sagittarians love – and then some! You’ll feel the need – the need for speed, adventure and excitement – well, you always have that but now it will just intensify. Make sure your passport is up to date as you’ll have the opportunity to travel and perhaps even for an extended period or to that faraway place that’s on your bucket list. If you are engaged in legal matters with Jupiter in here you should see them resolved in your favour. Others may enter into the adventure of learning and embark on getting that degree or higher education qualification. Mass communications could also feature and this is an especially good transit for those of you working in the media – or who have ambitions to do so. If you have untapped potential or have not been living up to yours then Jupiter now puts you in touch with how to exploit this to your advantage. Sports and the outdoors are other areas where expansion and success could occur. If you work with animals – especially large ones, or are contemplating a career doing so then Jupiter in here offers not only success but the ability to communicate with four-legged souls on a higher level. As a reward you could find yourself the celebrity horse/lion/sheep whisperer du jour. Romance could arrive in the form of someone who embodies your sense of adventure and desire for freedom. They could be from overseas or just appear larger than life in some way. If so and you want love to last forge a joint vision for the adventure you both want to take together to avoid love becoming stale and you’ll find yourself travelling a new path with a kindred spirit.


Traditionally Jupiter in your 8th house is meant to signify an inheritance. But obviously Jupiter transits this house in our charts many times during our lifetimes and we are not going to be the beneficiaries of a bequest every time he does. There is also the other unspoken side of this and that is that being the beneficiary of a will means we will have by default, lost someone we care about. Being the recipient of someone else’s generosity is however one likely outcome of this transit as someone could give you access to their resources. This area of your chart also rules your salary, payouts and settlements and these are certainly areas of possible benefit for you. The 8th however is all about transformation and hello – sex. Jupiter in here is usually all about your sexual magnetism, deep pleasure, hidden power and transcendental experiences with another. It’s time to get in touch with your sensuality and your needs and if you have been ignoring these or if the bedroom has turned into the bored room then Jupiter in here will not only set things right but alight as well! You will be offered opportunities to explore uncharted sexual and emotional continents – territories you may not have even known existed. If your present partner is not willing to travel with you, you will attract one who is. What happens during the next 12 months will transform you and change and deepen your sense of values. You will be put in touch with your personal power in away which may have eluded you in the past but I do have to caution you not to abuse this or resort to manipulating others or controlling them. If you do then the rewards Jupiter promises will not be forthcoming. If you come at things from a spiritual perspective then you will not only reap material rewards but will be enriched on a soul level and see your connections deepen.


It takes two, baby! You and Jupiter are getting partnered up for the next 12 months and there is no more being the Lone Ranger as here comes Tonto! It is all about learning an having fun through your closest connections now and please don’t forget this not only includes your long term romantic partner but a business or collaborative partner, your closest friends, an activity partner or even Silver (or his equivalent) if you ride as all these relationships are partnerships of some kind. If you have been searching for any kind of partner then Jupiter in here delivers at least one candidate for you and some of these may even be wealthy, famous or influential in some way (or that horse (ruled by Jupiter) is that hot competition prospect). If you are already coupled up then the two of you could be off on a new phase or adventure together. If however your current union has become stale or no longer offers opportunity for growth, Jupiter will now enable you to end it amicably and offer you a new partner with which to go exploring. Jupiter in this area of your chart rewards you for your generosity of spirit and for not taking people for granted. Don’t become critical of others whatever you do however. Bear in mind that if you wait for the ‘perfect’ mate you will remain mateless. They’re not perfect and neither are you. What you have to look at is whether you are perfect for each other and can have that perfectly imperfect partnership together. Chances are the person is as much of an individual as you are. Let’s face it – it couldn’t get much more perfect than that.


You are about to confound those people who think you are ‘off the planet’ or ‘just not in touch with reality’. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with any of that. However, Jupiter who is your ancient ruler after all, heading into your 6th of work, responsibility and wellbeing sees you in ‘taking care of business’ mode which will confound the critics and silence them – at least for the next 12 months. You show everyone that a job worth doing is worth doing well and in doing so are set to cement your security and financial wellbeing. You’ll be treating your body like a temple and looking and feeling good just enhances your feeling that a job well done brings its own rewards even if your bank account is also showing the benefits. Even if you don’t go out to work, your every day routine will offer new meaning and opportunities for learning and growth. If you have been thinking about working from home then this is the year to take that step. Others may suddenly see a money making opportunity around the home they were blind to before. Your possessions are likely to increase but please don’t succumb to clutter. Ensure that what you have enhances your environment in some way as Jupiter can encourage us to go out and get more ‘stuff’ whether we need it or not. Many of you could move to a new job or new area of responsibility and you’ll be shown quite clearly that you efforts are appreciated – both in feedback and monetary terms.  Just guard against setting unrealistically high standards for yourself – or others for that matter in your quest for perfection. Making your work work for you is what this year is all about in terms of enjoying what you do. Make work fun and watch as the rewards come in proportion to the enjoyment you have and create.









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