New Moon in Gemini: What a Fabulous Day to Find a New Planet

The new Moon on Wednesday May 28th occurred in Gemini and on this very day, a team from Gemini University in Hilo, Hawaii announced the discovery of a new planet in our solar system in Nature, the prestigious science journal that was published that day. The astrological significance of the timing of this continues when we consider that Wednesday is ruled by Mercury – Gemini’s ruling planet, and Mercury is of course the messenger of the Gods ruling communication and publications of all kinds.

The new planet, which has been temporarily given the name Biden after the US Vice President Joe Biden owing to it being given the designation VP 113. Interesting enough, in astro-numerology the number 5 is associated with Mercury and the sign of Gemini and of course 1+1+3=5. So, what does planet Biden as we will call it for now, mean both from a scientific and astrological standpoint? Biden has been detected orbiting past the Kuiper belt – at a distance of approximately 7 billion miles from Earth. Its discovery is now causing scientists to re-think everything we know about our solar system. It goes to show that there’s something we don’t know about our Solar System, and it’s something important,” Chad Trujillo from Gemini University said. “We’re starting to get a taste of what’s out beyond what we consider the edge.”

This ‘edge’ is now being expanded thanks to devices such as the 520-megapixel Dark Energy camera located on a telescope at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile which is what led to the discovery. Scientists also now think that beyond Biden there may in fact be a giant exo-planet we have yet to find – although all you conspiracy theorists out there should note this is not Nibiru or Melancholia and if it exists is not on a collision course with Earth! In April, NASA announced they have so far discovered 715 new planets outside our solar system most of which are orbiting stars other than our Sun.

Now, what does Biden VP113 mean for astrology? Well, let’s take a look first as the last planet to be discovered which was Sedna back in 2003. We are only just beginning to integrate Sedna’s message into our collective and on into our predictions. First we need to understand the energy a new planet represents – in Sedna’s case she is named after the Arctic goddess who created all the creatures of the polar region and also represents betrayal of the sacred feminine by the patriarchy. We are seeing these themes play out in our lives with global warming, rising oceans, arctic conservation and the disempowerment and exploitation of women. The other piece of the puzzle us astrologers need is of course an ephemeris of the new planet showing its passage through the signs so we know where it is! Often this takes a while to be calculated. Sedna has yet to be allocated a sign rulership and she may not be given one despite the fact that there are signs sharing planets. If she were to replace the ruling planet of a sign this would only be after many years of understanding her influence had passed. The same thing goes with Biden. Although we are seeing heavy Gemini-themes from the moment of his appearance, this does not mean he is going to replace Mercury as either Gemini’s or Virgo’s ruling planet any time soon. Biden is at present in the sign of Taurus and due to the fact he is far, far from the Sun will remain in there for many years to come. Perhaps when he moves out on into Gemini – the sign that is now associated with his discovery, we will understand a lot more about his influence. When a new planet is discovered it has always coincided with a big leap forward in our collective and individual soul evolution here on Earth. The fact we are now seeing so many is a sign this process is accelerating and is needed now. But what we can all take from this is that our solar system is bigger and filled with more possibilities and potential than we previously thought.

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