The Astrology of Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming

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Warning: This article contains spoilers.

Many of you will undoubtedly have seen the Game of Thrones astrology meme which assigns star signs to popular characters in the franchise. So, working on this just how accurate is the meme? Let’s take a look, shall we?

George R. R. Martin himself is a Virgo which explains his attention to detail. His Moon is in Aries, Mercury is in Libra, Venus is conjunct Pluto in Leo and Mars is in Scorpio (which explains the blood and sex which permeates the books and TV series) and Jupiter is in his own sign of Sagittarius – mass media and something on a grand scale. The day he was born Saturn had just entered Virgo from Leo – this is someone who could commit to a project over the long haul. Now, what about those characters? I’m going to go by what the meme gives for the characters and discuss whether they are on the money – or not.

Jon Snow – Aries: the meme shows Jon Snow as an Aries. Ruled by fiery Mars – the God of War. Is this Jon? The best example of the positive Mars/Aries archetype we’ve seen on screen up until now is Gladiator played by an Aries (Russell Crowe). Aries can be impulsive which neither the Russell Crowe character nor Jon Snow are. However, Aries has leadership ability and Jon does become Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch (spoiler!). Also, well – there’s the dragonish question of Jon’s true parentage as without revealing too much, most of you will have worked out his dad wasn’t Eddard Stark. George however was most probably channelling both his Aries Moon and his Mars in Scorpio when creating Jon’s character. Aries fits but Jon’s character would have serious Scorpio influences. Robb Stark his supposed half brother, also exhibits Aries traits but unlike Jon he acts before thinking through the consequences so is perhaps a better Aries archetype than Jon. Kit Harrington the actor who plays Jon Snow is a Capricorn.

Robert Baratheon – Taurus: poor, poor Robert Baratheon. The only woman he ever loved dies in somewhat unclear circumstances after he went to war to free her (all themes ruled by Taurus’s opposite sign of Scorpio). His wife doesn’t love him and has cuckolded him with her own brother. In typical Taurean fashion, Robert takes refuge in life’s sensual pleasures – food, wine and women and all to excess. Also he’s oblivious to what’s going on around him – namely that his kids well – they aren’t his kids, and while he may sit very uncomfortably on that Scorpionic throne – really, no Taurus would have designed that thing – others actually wield the power. Unhappy Taurus seeks comfort – usually in food. Their loyalty means they are unable to conceive of disloyalty in others thus rendering them blind to what is happening right under their noses. This one is spot-on. Mark Addy who played the unhappy king is another Capricorn.

Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish – Gemini: Littlefinger warns Ned Stark not to trust him. In fact, he’s pretty well upfront about what he is. A trickster. But he’s charming and people don’t want to believe it – until it’s too late. Quick witted and quite possibly the smartest person in the kingdom, Littlefinger exemplifies the ‘never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing’ saying. However, his obsession with Cat Stark and then Sansa smacks of Scorpio. Aiden Gillen who plays Petyr is actually a Taurus. Although the character is very Gemini, a better example of Gemini in the series is Jaime Lannister. He’s a twin to the point of being incestuously inseparable – until he loses his hand. Both characters however lead double-lives and face two paths which are Gemini themes. Very often the duality of Gemini can express itself by two loves – as in Jaime’s case – his sister and Brienne of Tarth. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is a Leo.

Cersei Lannister – Cancer: Obviously if Jaime is a Gemini then Cersei would also be one. Perhaps this is why Jaime the perfect Gemini, does not appear in the meme. However, Cersei does have Cancer traits although we can say the likelihood of a Gemini Sun having planets in the next door sign are extremely high. Cersei will do anything for her children and loves them – even when her intellect (Gemini) tells her Joffrey is a monster. She has a strong sense of family loyalty except when it comes to Tyrion. All in the family has a different meaning for Cersei however! She admonishes Jaime for pushing Bran off the tower which would have not been her way of dealing with the issue, which is very Cancerian. We are led to believe it is Cersei who is behind the attempt on Bran’s life but nurturing Cancer would not attack a child. So, Cersei has planets in Cancer, but is in fact a Gemini. Lena Heady is a Libra.

Denaerys Targarean – Leo: The meme has her as a Leo – wrong, so wrong. Just because someone is on a throne doesn’t mean they are a Leo. The ancient symbol for Scorpio is the phoenix – a bird who rises from the flames. Scorpio rules transformation and rebirth. Mars the traditional ruler of Scorpio rules dragons. Denaerys enters the fire of transformation and steps out of it as the Mother of Dragons. She’s a Scorpio. Not a Leo. Emilia Clarke is a Libra.

Sansa Stark – Virgo: Sansa remains the archetypal and actual Virgin in the series. She has Virgo’s attention to detail and is always perfectly turned out – the sign of a Virgo who always takes pride in his or her appearance. There’s a good rule of thumb with Virgos and that is never to underestimate them. Sansa starts off as a young girl filled with dreams and fantasies. However, she is proving she is capable of being as cunning as Littlefinger but with a Scorpio’s patience when it comes to getting revenge.

Eddard Stark – Libra: Just wants to get along with everyone. Although he could have taken the Iron Throne for himself as he was first on the scene after Jaime slew the mad king, Ned does not want power. He strives for balance, sees the best in people and believes they will keep their word. Marriage and partnerships are important to Librans – thus it is inconceivable that Ned would have been unfaithful and fathered a bastard. Libra does not just rule justice – it rules its opposite which is injustice. The Libran lifepath often means experiencing or witnessing injustice. In Ned Stark’s case he is the victim of it – with fatal results. Sean Bean himself is Libra’s opposite sign – Aries.

Tyrion Lannister – Scorpio: Okay, so Tyrion has nine lives. We’ve lost count of the times he’s emerged if not exactly unscathed from staring death in the face, but certainly alive. And yes, he does seem to have more than a passing interest (some would say obsession) with sex. But a Scorpio? I doubt it very much. Perhaps Tyrion has Scorpio rising or more likely a Scorpio Moon as this indicates his mother was distressed at the time of his birth (very distressed as we know she died giving birth to him). The Lannister Sigel is a Lion and Tyrion has the ‘lion’s mane’ – an impressive head of hair. Swap him with Denaerys – he’s a Leo. Peter Dinklage is a Gemini.

Arya Stark – Sagittarius: Tomboyish Arya doesn’t want to be like her sister Sansa and eat lemon cakes and dream of princes. She’s better with a bow than her brother Bran and her idea of dancing lessons are more about combining fancy footwork with swordplay. She does however have an almost Scorpionic obsession with vengeance but seeks to deliver it herself rather than have others do it for her. Sag themes such as encounters with people from different countries, cultures and philosophies loom large as does size – larger than life encounters with people like the Hound. Maisie Williams is another fire sign – Aries. The other strong Sag-themed female character in the franchise is Brienne of Tarth. Gwendoline Christie the actress who plays Brienne, claims not to know when her birthday is. A Sag wouldn’t care. A Scorpio would keep it secret and a Pisces would genuinely have forgotten!

Lord Varys – Capricorn: Builds a powerbase and claims everything he does is for the ‘good of the realm’. However – he’s a eunuch and likened to a spider. His spy network rivals that of Littlefinger’s. He is however decided to preserving the kingdom at all costs – something that is very Capricorn despite the very heavy Scorpio undertones of the character. Conleth Hill who plays Varys is actually a Sagittarian.

Bran Stark – Aquarius: Let’s look closely at this one. Aquarius is the sign of the individual – the person who walks to a beat of a different drum. That wasn’t a bad pun – I know Bran’s not walking except via Hodor. Aquarians are the radical thinkers, the revolutionaries, the ones who break the mould and who are unapologetically themselves. Of course Bran follows his own path and his accident and psychic abilities set him apart. His life and death encounters and this psychic ability are more Piscean than Aquarian. The better example of an Aquarian in the franchise is actually Ygritte. Rose Leslie is an Aquarian. Issac Hempstead Wright is an Aries.

Catelyn Stark – Pisces: SPOILER ALERT: So, the question for Game of Thrones fans is whether or not Lady Stoneheart – aka ‘the Corpse that Walks’ is going to appear in the TV series or not. For those of you who’ve not read the books, after the Red Wedding, Cat Stark does her very own version of The Walking Dead – and not of the White Walker variety either. So, all this aside, is Cat Stark a Pisces? Sensitive and intuitive, Pisces can see things how they want them to be rather than how they actually are. So, we can argue if she’s that intuitive how come she couldn’t work out Jon is not Ned’s son? Ah, but that’s the Pisces deception at work – and that includes self-deception. However, we’re touching on Martin’s strong Scorpionic themes again as we’re probing the deep side of life. Pisces does it deeper however. In the zodiac Pisces is the 12th house – known as womb and tomb, where you were before you came here and where you’re going next (nowhere if you’re a zombie!). It’s also the house of hidden enemies and Cat Stark knows all about them – except too late to save herself and her son – or to recognise the main one – the man who claimed to love her. But then the worst enemies are often the ones we
can’t see – and that includes ourselves. The lovely Michelle Fairley is a Capricorn.

What we can see in Game of Thrones is George R R Martin’s natal planetary influences getting played out via his characters. And this is what makes them so compelling and real to us – because we can relate to them – if not in ourselves in people we know and have encountered. So, no matter what your star sign – who do you personally identify with in Game of Thrones and what are they saying about your planets?





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