Your Free Weekly General Astrology Forecast for July 28

29th – Moon in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces

30th – Kite: Venus in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio. Both sextile Moon in Virgo and both trine Neptune in Pisces

30th – Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

31st – Mercury enters Leo

31st – 3 Planet Stellium in Leo

1st – Sun/Mercury/Jupiter conjunct in Leo

1st – Sun in Leo trine Uranus in Aries

2nd – Mercury/Jupiter exact conjunct in Leo and exact square Mars in Scorpio

3rd – Moon/Mars conjunct in Scorpio square Sun/Mercury/Jupiter conjunct in Leo

  • The truth sets us free
  • Are you feeling the zeitgeist of learning through fun?
  • The Hot August Night astro-period begins here!

Let’s examine the facts this week. So says the Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune now retrograde in Pisces on the 29th. Emotional buttons may be pushed if we hang on to what we consider to be our version of the truth. Does it stand up to scrutiny? Remember, Neptune obscures – when he’s direct. When he’s not – all is revealed. The following day that Virgo Moon and Neptune are all part of a Kite aspect with Venus in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio while Mars also in Scorpio trines Neptune. The truth sets us free and transforms.

The last day of July sees Mercury’s entrance into Leo and those Hot August Nights of planetary fun kick off on the first when the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all align and the Sun makes a fabulous angle to Uranus – yes, retrograde in Aries. Excitement – and unexpected invitations and opportunities to have fun could be on the agenda for many. Others could just ruin everything by hogging the spotlight or staying too long on the red carpet. Really, the message is we should all be getting our time in the spotlight now on some level or another and it may come out-of-the-blue. Be ready. It’s all about connecting to the child within you and unleashing the curious spirit inside that wants to learn through play.

The 2nd and 3rd sees big news of a transformational nature make a splash and the zeitgeist that’s moving us could be infectious now. On the one hand there’s a desire to embrace creativity and pleasure and on the other hand a calling to withdraw and think about more serious subjects. Even if outwardly we’re having fun and embracing our passion (whatever or whomever that may be!) there’s some serious undertones going on this week. On the surface things may look hedonistic and superficial. They’re actually not. Deep emotions are being stirred in the psyche in the heat of the Hot August Nights. It’s in the fires of passion that we all get transformed no matter what form that passion takes. If we take every experience we have as soul learning – then nothing is ever superficial. Learning is learning – and should be a pleasure.



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