Your Free Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 21

22nd – Uranus retrograde in Aries

22nd – Sun enters Leo

24th – Sun/Jupiter exact conjunct in Leo

24th – Grand Water Trine: Moon/Mercury/Venus conjunct in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces trine Moon/Mercury/Venus conjunct in Cancer

26th – New Moon in Leo – 3 planet stellium in Leo

26th – Mars enters Scorpio

  • You’ve got the power!
  • News has a wide ranging impact on your feelings
  • Prepare for your dreams to appear unexpectedly

Expect big things now that the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd and meets up with expansive Jupiter on the 24th. This is all about an opportunity to shine in some way, be noticed, doors opening, red-carpet-strutting, loving what you do and daring to go where your dreams take you. This may manifest in unexpected ways so prepare for the novel, the new, the revolutionary and the thrilling as Uranus now turns retrograde in Aries from the 22nd also. Uranus retrogrades are a lot like Pluto retrogrades (he is also retrograde at the moment) and both these planets influence increases when they are retrograde. Those serious astrology students out there will of course already have realised that Uranus will trine the Sun in Leo and if you are a Leo, Aries or a Sagittarian with your natal Sun at any early degree Jupiter will now trine it making this a special time. Jupiter will be making aspects to any planets in your chart at early degrees of a sign and one of our astrologers can explain exactly what you can expect now.

The Moon meets Mercury and Venus in her ruling sign of Cancer also on the 24th – the day the Sun and Jupiter co-join and all three trine Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. News has an emotional impact but you may need to probe below the surface for the real and long term implications as wider changes are indicated.

The new Moon in Leo on the 26th brings the official start of the new cycle for Leos and an opportunity for some kind of new beginning for all of us depending on the house the new Moon falls in. See your weekly video and forecast for more explanation. This day also sees Mars shift out of Libra and into its ruling sign of Scorpio where it is a lot more comfortable and also more ‘Martian’. Don’t malign Mars as while he is in here he’s going to be all about teaching us to use our personal power and also to set boundaries in a particular area. Potency and the ability to transform our lives through pro-active action are now on the agenda as well as the ability to sustain passion in one area of another. If you need to ask if you have the power now, you’re missing the point.


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