This weeks astrology Forecast August 4

5th – Venus in Cancer square Uranus in Aries

6th – Grand Fire Trine: Moon in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries trine Sun/Mercury/Jupiter conjunct in Leo trine Moon in Sagittarius

8th – Sun/Mercury exact conjunct in Leo

8th – Mars/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio

10th – Full Super Moon in Aquarius

  • Love and cupcakes can conquer the world!
  • Work your passion
  • Own the most fabulous gift of all – YOU

Unfortunately any issue you face at the beginning of the week may not be solved by baking a batch of cupcakes. I wish they could. Action may be required of us all, but when it comes to smoothing things over perhaps what the world needs now is love and cupcakes. Venus just wants everything to be beautiful and everyone to get along. She’s in Cancer right now. Really the only way you can offend her in here is not to appreciate her cooking. However, on the 5th she’s making a tight square to Uranus in Aries. Not only is Aries energy at odds with both Venus and Cancer as both are feminine energies, Uranus is all about the new, novel, unexpected – as well as challenges and thrills. Cancer values home, security, family, traditions. You can see where I’m going with all this. These energies may be at odd with each other. Be prepared to act but keep the cupcakes handy. – and don’t take it personally if people don’t want one.

Lucky for us the following day our theme of Hot August Nights and Get Your Rock Star On! return with a vengeance as Uranus finds playmates more aligned with his ‘Surprise, surprise!’ energy. A Grand Fire Trine sets fire to the heavens and has us all looking at ways to strut like Rod Stewart. The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are all conjunct in Leo as part of this and we have a wonderful Moon in Sagittarius pointing us towards something bigger and better. But when it comes to strutting your stuff – and now I am talking about working your passion – remember that even rock concerts are collaborative ventures and Rod Stewart or any other star for that matter would never have got to that stage in the first place without the help of hundreds of people along the way. The Sun and Mercury are exact conjunct in Leo on the 8th and what I’m saying here is nobody achieves anything alone. You need people, you need a network so connect, connect, connect no matter what way you desire to shine – and shining is what all this activity in Leo is all about now – for all of us.

This same day Mars and Saturn meet in Scorpio. This is Mars’s ancient ruling sign and don’t forget Scorpio is all about transformation but Saturn is all about structure. Again, these two are the Odd Couple. Expect explosions, collapses and eventual transformations as a result.

No matter whether chaos reigns in the world around us we always have control of our inner world. We change our world simply by owning our own individuality. This week’s full Super Moon in Aquarius is all about being just who you were meant to be – and no-one else. When you know who you truly are, your entire world changes and you align yourself with others on the same path. Own this gift now – don’t wait for the world to change. It changes when you do.





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