Your Free weekly General Astrology Forecast August 11

12th – Venus enters Leo  – 4 Planet Stellium in Leo

15th – Mercury enters Virgo

16th – Grand Earth Trine: Moon in Taurus trine Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn trine Moon in Taurus

16th – Grand Water Trine – Juno in Cancer trine Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

16th – Grand Sextile – Star of David: Moon in Taurus sextile Juno in Cancer sextile Mercury in Virgo sextile Mars in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces sextile Moon in Taurus

  • Initiate creative acts of love!
  • Work in partnership with yourself and others
  • Romantic, old-fashioned courtly love still has a place in today’s world

Venus enters fabulous, scene stealing Leo this week bringing the total number of planets crowding the gold carpet in here to four on the 12th. Love is in the spotlight now and even if love does not come courting (and Venus in here is about romance and old-fashioned courtly love), then acts of love via creating something wonderful is what Venus in here is all about. Some of you may choose to express your feelings for someone via a creative piece – a picture, poem, song, mix-disc – your only limitations are your inspiration and feelings. No one to act as your muse? Stand by but first Mercury swings in to his ruling sign of Virgo on the 15th – it’s all about de-toxing our thoughts and what we say and communicate. If you’re familiar with Quantum Creating you know that a big part of the process has to do with what I call a Meme Detox. Well, Mercury in Virgo is a transit that absolutely captures this and gives us a big helping hand in accomplishing the process so if you’re not already familiar with the process then please visit and read my articles on Quantum Creating and how a Meme Detox can literally clear the path between you and your goals. We are all our thoughts after all, so let’s let Mercury help us to ensure we are thinking about those thoughts and ideas which reflect our highest potential.

That highest potential is what is reflected in the Star of David which appears this week and yes, it just happens to contain Mercury in Virgo. It is actually formed by not just the Grand Earth Trine (Mercury in Virgo, Moon in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn) but by a Grand Water Trine as well – Mars in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Juno in Cancer. Juno is important as she rules marriage or marriage-type relationships and the kind of partner we need (as opposed to the kind of partner we think we want!). Many of you may therefore find the muse you need right now appearing. I’ve got quite a bit to say about Soul Maters, partners and how they are our biggest teachers this week due to the Star appearing. Check out not only your forecast by articles on MK but to attract the one we need (who can also be the one we want!) we first need to work on the one relationship that we’re committed to all our lives and that’s the one we have with ourselves. Allowing ourselves to be who we really are, supporting ourselves and facilitating our individual creative and passionate self-expression is what this week’s aspects are all about – and how they open the way for us to work in better partnership with ourselves – and with everyone else on the planet.



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