Astro Dating Secrets: So You’re Dating an Air Sign

So you’re lucky enough to be dating or have managed to snare the interest of an Air sign  – a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius?  If so, what’s the breeziest way to fan the flames of desire? Or at worst, break up or tell them you’re just not THAT into them? Get ready for a hurricane or else stuff out unwanted attention depending on which way the wind is blowing with this simple guide.



You’re getting two for the price of one here and it’s anyone’s guess which one shows up for the date. No, you’re not going crazy. Let them do most of the talking and boy, do they love to talk. Don’t be afraid to change the subject as Gemini’s are easily bored. Here is another sign that loves the mental turn-on, they are also born flirts and love a bit of innuendo and suggestion to spice things up. However, they don’t like it when the talk gets serious so keep things light and airy. A date where you visit more than one venue or have more than one experience is right up your Gemini’s street – which is actually two-way. They’ll love it if you take them to more than one favourite haunt in your neighbourhood. However, no is never sufficient for an answer and to say ‘no’ you have to add on a whole list of ‘no’s such as: ‘I really can’t date right now as not only do I have so much going on at work, I also have to travel six miles each way three times a week to see my personal trainer, my two evening classes in medieval decoupage also get in the way as does walking my iguana.’ That should just about do it. The longer and more mundane the list of reasons you give, the quicker the Gemini will lose interest. Don’t be afraid to throw in scouring the bath and ironing for good measure. However – if you do fancy that quick-witted twin then don’t be backward in coming forward. Ask them straight out if they have any plans for Saturday night and if not, if they’d like to be part of your plan. Chances are if you put it like that, they will.



The talk had better revolve around love and romance, beauty, art and music. Also, showcase your people skills as harmony in relationships is what is important to a Libran. Librans are passionate in the bedroom but before you get there, please don’t be crude as this isn’t what they are about. Profanity is a definite no-no. You will know if a Libran is really angry, upset or under stress as this may be the only time a four-letter word drops from their lips. They respond to visual phrases as in ‘You should see . . ‘ and ‘If I could draw you a picture . . .’. This is the sign of partnerships and this is what they are seeking. If you are not interested in a Libran then telling them you are already involved will see them backing off right away without further ado. However, bear in mind that they cannot keep a secret and love to gossip so if you are congratulating yourself at having diplomatically blown-off that Libran co-worker by telling them you are practically engaged, then don’t be surprised if the entire office starts to ask when the big day is while adding: ‘I didn’t even know you were seeing anyone’ for good measure. Busted. While Librans love the idea of love and hate vulgarity, if you do fancy one make a romantic overture, but be prepared once you do cross that bedroom threshold, as chances are they may surprise you with a kinky side. Just saying.



Aquarians sit in their ivory tower – not waiting to be rescued, but to see who is worthy of being admitted to their domain. They don’t like too much emotion to begin so you need to strike the right balance between fact and feeling with them. They do however like people who know who they are and aren’t afraid to be that so don’t try to be someone else because this won’t impress them. If your thoughts and ideas are radical or revolutionary in some way or just don’t fit in with the norm, so much the better. This is the sign of the individual. As such, do not expect your water-bearer to conform and if you want to throw water on the relationship, my advice is to suggest they start to do just that. Telling them to tone down their ideas or the way they look is usually a good place to begin. If you are not interested in an Aquarian, refusing them is usually as simple as telling them you just see them as a friend and nothing more. This is one of the few signs who can accept that and what’s more, stay being friends. If you are already involved and have decided you don’t want to take the relationship any further, just bear in mind that water bearers are used to getting their own way and it may take some time and effort for the message to finally sink in. If you are interested in an Aquarian however, know that they may literally be one-of-a-kind. So don’t expect a relationship like any other!



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