Astro Dating Secrets: So You’re Dating an Earth Sign

So you’re lucky enough to be dating or have managed to snare the interest of an Earth sign  – a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn?  If so, what’s the best way to bring things ‘down to earth’ and help passion grow? Or at worst, break up or tell them you’re just not THAT into them? Plant enduring passion or apply a scorched earth policy depending on your desire with this simple guide.



Lucky you. Sensual Taurus appreciates the finer things of life – usually music, art and life’s sensual pleasures which include good food, good wine and excellent love-making. Taureans are usually loyal and this is one of those signs that when they tell you they are working late at the office – they are doing exactly that. Taurus needs time to digest things and is not about the rapid-fire chat-up lines that hook in the fire and air signs. If you pay them a compliment back it up with facts about WHY you are paying it. If you want to ask one out, there’s nothing like leading in to it with a story about a restaurant, gallery or even a fabulous farmer’s market you just visited and then asking them if they would be interested in coming with you next time? Taurus spends so much time thinking before acting it is likely that if one is interested in you, that you have plenty of warning time in which to plan your response. If you are not interested, it should be easy for you to drop that hint well before it gets to the point you have to give them the brush-off – and they will usually take the hint. Be aware that it often takes a Taurus a lot of effort to sum up the courage to approach you so don’t lead them on if you really aren’t interested. If you are, please be upfront in letting them know their attentions will be well-received. This is too nice a sign to play games with!



Be factual and logical. I’m not saying you’re dating a Vulcan but you may like to approach it as if you were. They love it when you ask them questions and don’t ever think you can ask for too many details – the more you do, the more they will adore you for it. Work, wellness and even pets are topics this sign loves to talk about. They usually care about their health and also the wellbeing of those they care about. There is a sensual side to Virgo but it may take time to emerge. This is not about bodice or shirt-ripping passion, but about setting the scene with candles, Egyptian cotton sheets and long, deep, soft wet kisses that last for three days – as does the lovemaking. Vulgarity and suggestiveness is a no-no and if you want to blow off a Virgo then really all you need do is reveal this as a side of yourself and believe me, you won’t be bothered by them again. Either that or revealing to them that you are about to be featured on the next episode of Hoarders. Telling them that work commitments right now make it impossible for you to date also works. If you like a Virgo however, it is probably going to be up to you to make that first move – or you may be waiting a long time. With Virgo presentation is everything so if you do, make sure you look your best – that mis-buttoned blouse or stained tie will almost guarantee you a rejection.



Be traditional when dating a Capricorn. This sign is all about courting or being courted. You can therefore expect to be wooed in the traditional manner – Capricorns will take you to established restaurants (as opposed to the trendy) and places of entertainment, and do the ‘right’ things such as opening doors, pulling out your chair for you and sending flowers – or expecting you to do this for them. You need to present yourself as someone who they can take seriously as a partner. If you are the one instigating the date then bear this is mind when choosing a venue and also how you come across. Once you get to know your Capricorn they will reveal their often well-hidden but killer sense of humour – at which point you’ll know you are on a home run with them. They love to talk about their profession or job as they see this as a big part of themselves and what they have to offer as partners. Capricorns will usually have formulated a valid argument as to why you should date them before they approach you and expect them to hit you with this. The problem with them is that they are steadfast and giving them an excuse usually just results in them telling you they are prepared to wait until you are less busy with work/your sick granny is better/your exams are over. Being traditional however, they will accept the fact you are seeing someone else and back off if you tell them it looks like it is serious. If you are already involved, then keep a break-up factual and to the point and tell them you feel you want different things and you don’t see a future. If you like one however, do let them know it as this sign can often be oblivious to those signals you’re sending their way!



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