Astro Dating Secrets: So You’re Dating a Fire Sign

So you’re lucky enough to be dating or have managed to snare the interest of a Fire Sign – an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. If so, what’s the best way to communicate with your fiery lover? Or at worst, break up or tell them you’re just not THAT into them? Raise the temperature or fight fire with fire depending on your desire with this simple guide.



Don’t talk about it – do it. Aries is all about action. Don’t beat about the bush either. If you have something to say to an Aries then say it. The more forthright you are, the more the Aries will appreciate this. Want to turn up the temperature with an Aries? This the is real ‘show, don’t tell’ sign and participation for an Aries is sexy. Don’t give them long-winded explanations as to why they should try something – let them try. In other words, don’t bang on about how good your dessert is – either feed them a spoonful of it or invite them to dig in! They don’t do subtlety so forget that. Aries hate pushovers however so maintain boundaries so in the early days of getting to know them – don’t be a ‘sure thing’ but don’t play hard to get either. It’s all about honesty and directness. If you are the subject of an Aries attention and are not interested, again, subtlety will get you nowhere as they will not take the hint with excuses such as ‘I’m washing my hair every night for the next 20 years’ or telling them you are seeing someone else will only usually serve to make you more attractive as you represent a challenge and they now have to prove to you that they are the better option. Unfortunately you may have to resort to a blunt ‘I’m not interested, sorry.’ If ending it, just tell them it’s over – and you won’t even have to go into lengthy explanations as to why. If you are interested however, please don’t play games. Say yes.



Leo’s are easily impressed and this is one sign with whom you can show-off with especially if you have anecdotes about hanging around successful or famous people or in prestigious places with beautiful faces. Be upbeat and come at everything from a positive angle. Above all, validate your Leo and if you find yourself disagreeing with them never under any circumstances challenge them in public or allow them to lose face as this is one thing they cannot forgive. You are much better off agreeing with them and then putting forward your point of view at a later date. Leo’s have high standards which they set for themselves and expect the same of others. You will therefore be seen as an extension of them and as their image and reputation means a lot to them, you need to take care of yours as well. Your reward will be their uncompromising loyalty. If you are not interested in a Leo’s advances this can be difficult as they cannot imagine why you would not be interested in him or her and will conclude that there is something very wrong with you. They are a fixed sign and won’t give up easily or take ‘no’ for an answer but will go all out to convince you of how wonderful they are and the hundred reasons why you should say ‘yes’. As with all fire signs, getting rid of one takes the direct approach and with a Leo you may just need to be cruel to be kind and tell them just how unattractive you find them. Saying they have ridiculously bad hair or are socially inept will usually work. Don’t worry – they’ll get over it in about five minutes and be off after their next conquest.



It’s all about adventure and the big picture. Don’t bore your Sag with details. They like their imagination to fill in the rest. Just a hint about that tattoo you have in a certain spot will do it – there’s no need to go into a minute description – let them find out for themselves. Sag likes lots of variety and is also one of the signs who is seeking the mental turn-on. Be prepared to go wherever the conversation takes you – and it will have many twists and turns as Sag is naturally curious. Allow them to hold forth about what it is that has them ‘fired up’ and then be prepared for the conversation to veer into another topic entirely. You need to be enthusiastic with a Sag and up for anything. Worrying about details such as where you might get lunch on your canoe trip down the Orinoco will not endear you and neither will raining on their plans (no matter how far-fetched) or becoming clingy or co-dependent. Have a Sag hitting on you that you are not interested in? Tell them that unfortunately this is against your religious beliefs as you can only date people from the same church/sect/belief system. I know it sounds crazy but they will respect this. Want to cool things off with a Sag you’re involved with? There’s nothing like telling them about your dreams of a house in the ‘burbs and all the fun you know you’re both going to have spending each and every vacation staying home and just ‘puttering’. If that is your dream then please don’t get involved with a Sag. If it’s adventure and wild excitement you want however – this is your sign.


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