Your Venus Sign Dating Secrets – Venus in Cancer

You want roots, a home and a family. Venus in Cancer is all about the nurturing of love and of knowing someone like the back of your hand. For you, what other signs would consider the ‘dull stuff’ are your foundations. Emotional security is your primary goal and your sensitivity means you are easily hurt. You adore romance and hate vulgarity and anything crass. Someone had better be prepared to woo you. You want to put down roots and moving house is something you dread and will go to great lengths to avoid. You hate people who won’t eat the food you’ve prepared and also anything that disrupts the atmosphere at home. Your ideal date is either a really good restaurant whose menu you know intimately or cocooning with your loved one in front of the fire. You are intensely loyal but be warned: despite your sensitive side when it comes to defending those you love (or your home), a warrior can emerge!

You have a strong sense of family and your ‘homeland’ – even if you were born far from the place your ancestors called home. Being a long way from your ‘roots’ will upset you once you have established them so partners need to understand this. It’s not that you don’t like to travel – you do. But you enjoy going to places that are familiar even if they are far away – all the more so because you know how much more you will appreciate your home when you return.

You’ve got all this going in your favour so what can go wrong? Well, for one thing you can turn from a lover into a smother. We all know you care – but you need to understand the difference between caring and support and smothering. Of all the Venus signs this is the one most likely to confused ‘lover’ and ‘mother’. If you cross those boundaries frustration sets in on both sides. You can create unrealistic and unnecessary fears and then project them – a real passion killer. A typical example of this is the Venus in Cancer person who has had a couple of promising dates with someone. Things look good and the person says they will call in a couple of days’ time. When they fail to call the Venus in Cancer person goes into panic mode imagining the other party dead in a freak meteoroid/motorway/eaten by mutated sea bass incident and starts to bombard the other party with texts, emails or calls to check they are okay. Of course they are. However, all this screams is ‘needy’ and often you never hear from them again – leaving you certain they were killed in a freak meteoroid/motorway/eaten by mutated sea bass incident – until you see them out on a date with someone else. Watch He’s Just Not That Into You – a perfect Venus in Cancer film. And make notes to refer to them afterwards.

You are a beautiful, loving soul (and sexy too once you know you can trust someone) and what you deserve is the best possible chance of meeting the person who appreciates all that! So, just where might they be? Well, the DIY store could be your equivalent of a singles bar. You love your home. Guys in DIY stores usually love their homes too or they have jobs making other people’s houses homes. Kitchenware stores, supermarkets – you love to cook – why not find someone who shares that passion? Cookery courses are another good option for you as are real estate agents. If you have a well-placed Venus to other planets in here you could also attract someone who owns a large and beautiful home – one perhaps that has been in their family for some time – something you would totally appreciate.

Cancer is a water sign so walking by water, sailing or swimming are activities where you could encounter another Water Baby. Venus rules sweet as opposed to salt water so rivers and lakes will be better than the sea. Go for a ferry ride – you never know who you will meet on the journey.

Your Mr or Ms. Right for You Could Well Be:

A pastry chef or baker

Someone who runs a family business

A yachtsman

A fisherman or fishmonger

A real estate agent or even a property tycoon

A genealogist

Works with children

A builder or craftsperson

A swimming instructor or professional swimmer

A single parent

A kitchen designer

A hotelier or B&B owner

Someone who has inherited family traditions or responsibilities

Remember, if love has been elusive – be open-minded. That is what these Venus dating guides are all about. There is no need to sign up for an activity if it really doesn’t appeal to you. However, if you find yourself at a venue or attending something in your list or which brings you into contact with the themes or people I have mentioned, then be on high alert – love could be found where you least expect it!



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