Your Venus Sign Dating Secrets – Venus in Libra

Venus is in her own sign if you have Venus in Libra. Libra is the 7th house and the house of partnerships – so if you have Venus in here expect a cradle-to-grave search if necessary for your other half. You may find you feel unbalanced if you are not ‘coupled up’ – even if it’s just in a business or collaborative partnership. Venus in here expresses herself somewhat differently than she does in her other sign of Taurus – because Libra is an air sign. With Venus in Libra you have excellent taste and love colour and looking fabulous. Even if you were born into somewhat limited circumstances you will have champagne tastes and your family may wonder why you intrinsically know quality when you see it. Music, art and beautiful surroundings are food for your soul. You are seeking an equal partnership and someone who is socially at ease anywhere. You hate conflicts, injustice, loud vulgar people, violence and the culture of the superficial.

Because of your dislike of conflict you go out of your way to create a peaceful home environment and keep things on an ‘even keel’. This can create problems in relationships as your boundaries may be breached almost without you realising it. What starts out as something on an equal footing can morph into something else entirely – and something that is not healthy. Just because you let someone know where the boundaries lie doesn’t mean they are going to love you any less if they truly loved you in the first place. This is one of the lessons you may have to learn in your relationships.

Because Venus in here is concerned with aesthetics sadly you can be undone by this. Now of course we have to fancy someone, but you may reject someone who could grow on you just because they don’t look like Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johansson. Remember – the inner must match the outer otherwise it doesn’t matter how good looking someone is. And there are many kinds of beauty. Your sense of justice tells you that you should not buy into anyone else’s (much less the media’s) definition of what ‘beauty’ may be. Be the eye of the beholder and beauty will be found all around you.

Your ideal mate is a creative person on some level. They may be involved in a creative profession and usually this would be in the visual arts – photographer, designer, cinematographer, visual artist, art director. Because of your Venus sign’s link to justice a lawyer could also suit you very well especially if they work in an area where they are championing people’s rights. Needless to say joining a group like Amnesty International or even a philosophical discussion group is another good option. Deborra Lee Furness who married Hugh Jackman (Libra) met him at a philosophy group. I can already hear the Venus in Libra’s out there scrambling to sign up in search of their own Wolverine!

Surprisingly, the person you’re looking for is as serious as you are about finding a partner and you could encounter them via some kind of organised social event or dating activity. They would not be speed dating so I’ll save you the trouble – and most Venus in Libra people would steer clear of this and leave it up to the Venus in Gemini brigade. But something like a singles dinner at a good restaurant, a visit to a gallery – you’ve got a good chance of meeting them at something like this.

Your Mr or Ms. Right for You Could Well Be:

A lawyer

A visual artist

A human rights champion

A diplomat

A beautician

A luxury goods store owner

An actor

A fashion designer

A counsellor

A photographer

An X-Man

A musician

Remember, if love has been elusive – be open-minded. That is what these Venus dating guides are all about. There is no need to sign up for an activity if it really doesn’t appeal to you. However, if you find yourself at a venue or attending something in your list or which brings you into contact with the themes or people I have mentioned, then be on high alert – love could be found where you least expect it!



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