Your Free Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 6

7th – Uranus in Aries exact opposition to Sun in Libra

8th – Full Moon in Aries – Total Lunar Eclipse – visible throughout most of North and South America, eastern Asia and Australia

8th – Moon/Uranus conjunct in Aries

10th – Mercury enters Libra

  • A Full Eclipsed Hunter’s Blood Supermoon?
  • Expect peak experiences
  • Be the inventive soul revolutionary

Expect the unexpected. That is all I can say about this week. Uranus, planet of revolution, innovation, challenges, surprises (good and bad) and thrills will make an exact opposition to the Sun in Libra from Aries. Not only that, we have a total Lunar Eclipse happening in Aries and this Moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon. There is much debate at present about whether or not this is a Supermoon or not (please refer to the article on this on AK), as NASA says it IS a Supermoon and some astrologers disagree including Richard Nolle who first coined the term.  Then of course, a total Lunar Eclipse is traditionally known as a ‘blood’ Moon as the shadow of the Earth makes the Moon take on a reddish cast. So, in which case this would be a full eclipsed Hunter’s Blood Supermoon. This eclipse also just happens to fall conjunct Uranus which could well result in Uranus being given a hall pass when it comes to the amount of innovation, inventiveness, revolution and upheaval he can create. This eclipse takes place at 15 degrees of Aries while Uranus is at 14 degrees of Aries and retrograde at present. So, crises and opportunities emerge that we may have thought we dealt with in the past – but actually didn’t. Mercury is also retrograde and re-enters Libra two days later. Things we may feel are on an even keel may now tip one way or another with no warning.

If your birthday falls somewhere in the middle of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn or you have a personal planet in one of these signs at around 15 degrees, you are going to feel the effects of all this more than other signs. You can easily check this yourself by generating your own birthchart here on AK and if you do have a personal planet at around 15 degrees (plus or minus three degrees), one of our astrologers will be happy to explain what this eclipse may bring you.

We have to guard against heavy-handed over-reaction, to being closed off to new ideas. We may see some things snowball from a quiet revolution to a loud one, while other situations get out of hand. This is an eclipse of revolution after all and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Think peak experiences which confront, change and challenge us. Except the reaction may not be equal and this is our challenge now. Uranus rules the 11th house which as well as ruling astrology, rules technology and also our place in the collective. Where we fit into all this – our very own ‘occupy the world’ movement if you like, could be at the forefront in our minds. Events may unfold that help us to see we’re not apart from what’s going on but a part of it – even if these events are happening at a distance.

It’s also about invention. New ideas and being the soul revolutionary in our own lives if necessary. On a personal level this may mean some upheaval is necessary. But ask yourself this, if things do not change, how can they improve? Resistance is futile. That’s the message behind what’s going on this week.