Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 20

23rd – Sun enters Scorpio

23rd – New Moon in Scorpio

23rd – Partial Solar Eclipse – visible throughout most of North and Central America

23rd – Venus enters Scorpio – 3 Planet Stellium in Scorpio

23rd – Sun/Venus conjunct in Scorpio

24th – Sun/Moon/Venus conjunct in Scorpio

25th – Mercury direct in Libra

26th – Mars enters Capricorn

  • Rebirth and reinvention occurs
  • Beautiful new beginnings are possible
  • Ambitions are ignited!

Happy birthday to all Phoenixes out there! Let’s ditch the whole scorpion/sting thing – it’s so undeserved for one thing. I personally think the phoenix metaphor – of rising from the ashes and reinvention, suits Scorpios so much better. The 23rd marks a fresh start for Scorpios as not only does the Sun enter your sign but we have a new Moon appearing on the same day which results in a partial solar eclipse as well as the planet Venus arriving in here. So, the three all fall conjunct each other. Beautiful transformations with depth are the likely result and if your birthday is at the start of Scorpio, or for that matter falls within the first few days of Taurus, Leo or Aquarius you are going to feel the effects of this more than most. It’s a time for new beginnings and rebirth on some level but please bear in mind that often this requires us to let go of something first. For rebirth to occur there must be a ‘death’ – even if it’s just a symbolic one, on some level. This can just mean letting go of old thoughts or attachments – which is the most likely outcome here. Or we may engage in transforming our outer selves to ‘re-launch’ ourselves and our lives – Venus is aiding us here. For those of you who found the lunar eclipse earlier this month difficult, this one may ease the way into a lovely new beginning for you especially around emotions and relationships. For more information see your personal forecast.

As far as rebirth and reinvention goes, Mercury finally moves direct again in Libra bringing an end to the Mercury-retro induced chaos and giving us all a green light to now implement any changes we’ve contemplated during his retrograde phase. All those travel snafus and communication breakdowns or even break-ups you’ve all been experiencing should now come to an end or be resolved. Imbalances should and could have been restored now.

Scorpio’s ancient ruler Mars enters Capricorn on the 26th and don’t forget, Capricorns ruler Saturn remains in Scorpio for the time being. So these two will be in mutual reception – in other words, having a conversation that both planets understand. Pluto, now a planet again, and Scorpio’s modern day ruler is also in Capricorn. We’re now likely to see us all fired up with ambition and Mars’s usual hastiness will be tempered by the ability to look at the long term picture while directing all that go-getting energy into building something lasting. The downside of this transit is that people can become heavy-handed especially when it comes to their responses or if they feel what they have established is being threatened. Whether it is or not is another matter of course. So, use Mars in here for construction – not destruction and that can even be in building something better out of the ashes. Rise and rise again as this week has the ability to bring out the phoenix in us all.