2015: The Year of the Pentagram – Partnerships and Soul Contracts Fall Due

Ahead of next year’s astrology forecasts, we’ve some incredible aspects forming in 2015 which have huge implications for us all on a soul evolutionary level. We’ve had the experience of Stars of David forming these past two years – extremely rare events. 2015 sees a series of Pentagrams (five-pointed stars) appear. The first one in February on the 25th, the second which will be a Double Pentagram on May 31st, July 3rd, September 5th and the final one appearing Christmas Eve, December 24th. So, what do they mean and what do they have in store for us?

Well, firstly the influence on us individually depends on which houses of our charts are activated by the Pentagram and also whether any of the planets which form it are our ruling planet or fall into our Sun or Moon signs or make an aspect to planets in our personal birth chart (one of our astrologers can explain this). If so, we can expect to feel their effects more intensely. In traditional astrology, Pentagrams herald sudden ideas, individuals or events which literally ‘burst’ out of the blue shining like supernovas. These can even be described as miraculous or ‘out of this world’. We could be seeing people and events which have a huge impact on us collectively and in ways we would not have thought possible. Despite what Pentagrams bring on a worldly or even personal level, there is a whole other aspect to them on a spiritual level which is what they are really all about as what occurs is all about the spiritual lessons behind events. Pentagrams are connected to the soul contracts we have made before coming here. They include experiencing certain events, situations, challenges and people in order for us to evolve. The fact we have so many forming in one year means we are all collectively being asked to look at and define the issues in our lives on an individual and collective basis and tackle them.

Pentagrams were held by the Hebrew astrologers (who many modern-day astrologers still believe to be the finest astrologers who ever lived), to be Stars of Angelic conflict. As such, we are being asked to transcend our issues and grasp the bigger picture. With this in mind, it will come as no surprise to many that several of these Pentagrams contain some of the newly discovered planets as their energy is now impacting on the collective on a soul level. It’s all about integrating this into our soul contract tasks now.

As well as being asked to experience or do something we agreed upon before we got here, Pentagrams ask that we work in partnership. Now, this can be working with someone special in our lives such as a marriage, romantic or business partner, or it can be working with ourselves instead of being our own worst enemy. On a planetary level I believe one of the soul lessons these Pentagrams usher in is the lesson that we all need to work in partnership with one another – there should be no ‘us’ or ‘them’. Just togetherness. And self-empowerment because the other message of Pentagrams is that we as individuals have more influence over our lives that we think. This could be the ‘joyous daybreak to end the long night’ Martin Luther King Jr spoke of. If you have a dream, if you want soul freedom at last, then these Pentagrams put the power to create that in our hands.