Soul Rescue: How Astrology Can Help With Life’s Ups and Downs

Here’s the thing about most professional astrologers – we’re not constantly looking at our charts and analysing our up-coming transits and interpreting what they are likely to bring. Yes, we’re aware of the big aspects coming up and even have at the back of our minds how they may play out in our own lives, but for one thing we’re usually too busy looking at how they are going to affect everybody else to pay too much attention to our own charts. But just like everyone else, we may pause and go deeper in to what’s going on when we are faced with a challenge. Let’s face it, it’s very often a crisis that sends us off for a psychic reading. Well, the same thing applies with astrology – we hit a challenge or a challenging period in our lives and we go back to our charts to better understand what planetary transit(s) is contributing to the problem.

The fantastic thing about astrology however, is that based on our charts it can not only offer explanations for what is going on, but it can also offer timings on when things will improve as of course, we know exactly when a certain planet will move from a certain position in your chart. Very often knowing why we are feeling the way we are, or why certain themes are coming up in our lives, is the first step towards healing the situation. Perhaps unknown to ourselves we are having a difficult transit where say Pluto is impacting on a personal planet in our charts (say our Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus in particular). This may not only force us to confront changes and ending but may also literally ‘drag us down into the underworld’ – which Pluto rules. If Saturn is also involved we could end up feeling low on energy or depressed. We may then start beating ourselves up for feeling this way, telling ourselves we should be able to ‘cope’ or that it’s really not that big a deal. Understanding what aspects may be causing us to feel this way allows us to give ourselves permission to feel the way we do. When we are no longer resisting it, we can then start to look at alternative ways to channel the energy of the transit and usually this is by taking action. Let’s face it, no matter what’s going on in our lives, when we begin to take action, we almost always begin to feel better.

Astrology opens up this added dimension to not only the outer events in our lives but to what is going on inside of us. And, as I’ve said before, the great thing about it is that an astrologer can provide you with extremely accurate timings as to when a transit will begin or end. Don’t forget also – while we may be having problems caused by one particular transit in our charts there are always other aspects going on and knowing about the positive energy entering our lives can not only empower us but also give us the ability to deal with the more challenging transits happening in our charts!

Remember when you look at your birthchart – it’s like a big wheel or clock face but YOU sit in the middle of it. Yes, the moment we are born the planets really do revolve around us! And in a way, this holds true for the rest of our lives as the planetary aspects continually impact on ‘us’ – that point in the centre of the chart. So, if you’re facing a challenge or want to know more about why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling right now – why not ask one of our astrologers? It’s not just all in the stars – but all in the timing too!