Be the Phoenix Rising! How Pluto in Capricorn Transforms for the Long Term

All of your Capricorns out there – and especially those Sea Goats who have their birthday around the middle of the sign, as well as anyone with a planet in Capricorn in their chart, or a Capricorn ascendant, will be feeling the effects of Pluto in your sign. Pluto is the great transformer and the ruler of Scorpio – whose original symbol was actually the phoenix. It’s all about transformation and re-birth when Pluto starts to work a planet or a sensitive part of our charts. In mythology, Pluto, also known as Hades, was the God of the Underworld and was perhaps most notorious for raping and abducting Persephone – literally dragging her down into his domain. So, one indication that Pluto is indeed working you over, is the feeling that you are being ‘dragged down into the underworld’ in some way.  This can also apply to those of you who have a Cancer Sun or planets in Cancer or other Cardinal signs – Aries and Libra as Pluto with oppose any Cancer planets and square those you have in Aries and Libra. If you have personal planets in any of these signs plus a Cardinal sign ascendant, then his effects may be even more potent.

However, although Pluto rules our fears, his actions may not actually be negative. Very often what we most fear IS transformation and we resist this, even when deep down inside we know it is inevitable and in the long term on a soul level, it may even be to our benefit. So, during a Pluto transit we can find ourselves experiencing a lot of pain on a soul level around the need to change a part of our lives and our resistance to doing this. This kind of transit is a real ‘what you resist, persists’ transit. The more we resist the change (no matter how bad things may be), the more pain we feel on an emotional and soul level. The more we resist Pluto’s influence and say: ‘When does this stop because I can’t take any more of this!’ is like sending an astro challenge to Pluto who says in return: ‘Well, actually I think you can so have some more’.

With Pluto in the sign of establishment and the master-builder Capricorn, we know that changes made are going to be for the long term – which may be another reason why we resist them. However, what we first need to bear in mind is that without change our lives cannot improve. If you are experiencing that ‘dark night of the soul’ under Pluto’s stewardship, first ask yourself where you or your circumstances needs to make a radical shift. Be honest and your soul DOES know the answer! Once you have identified where changes need to be made in the long term all you need do to start to turn Pluto’s influence into a positive one is to stop resisting it. Instead of saying ‘I can’t take this any more – make it stop!’ begin by saying ‘I now see that whatever I am experiencing right now on a soul level is actually here to teach me about the need to transform my life on some level. Instead of resisting the lesson I now embrace the lesson and am open and willing to learn what I can from it’. Paradoxically, the moment we are able to do this, Pluto lessens his grip on our psyche and on the events he is generating around us, and we can start to move back into the flow of life again and begin to see positive transformations appear and we rise from the ‘underworld’ as the phoenix of our own soul journey.

If you are experiencing a powerful Pluto transit – or think you may be having one, then one of our astrologers would be happy to delve into Pluto’s hidden realm with you – and unlock your phoenix rising within!