General Astrology Forecast December 8

8th – Jupiter retrograde in Leo

8th – Sun/Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius (exact)

10th – Venus enters Capricorn

13th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

  • Inner soul learning and inner action are called for
  • What returns from the past could define the future
  • Love is serious business

Hold your horses! This week sees the Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Mercury planet of communication on the 8th. However, that news that’s heading your way may require you to stop and think before acting or could be related to something from the past. It’s certainly not going to be a time for starting something new as the year draws to a close as Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruling planet shifts to retrograde motion in Leo on the same day. All that forward progress we’ve been experiencing may halt or we may feel we have to make that much more effort as the feeling of free wheelin’ stalls. It’s not about inner learning and inner action until he moves forward again in April 2015. Opportunities that arrive under a Jupiter retrograde are always from seeds we have sown in the past so look closely at what does turn up and you’ll see the connection. This is however an excellent time to re-commence a course of study – or return to school if you did not complete high school or university. That trip you have always wanted to take but never managed to? Now’s the time and it is also a good time to return to far away places you may have visited in the past. A past connection could also re-surface and pay close attention if this also has overseas connections. This is Jupiter retrograde at work.

Venus enters Capricorn on the 10th and while in here she’s after a more serious, lasting kind of love. It’s all about responsibilities around love and commitment. While she’s in here ask yourself if you are ready for that serious love – and whether you take yourself and your needs seriously? Venus in here is one classy act. She begins to encounter Pluto in here from the 13th – enabling us to make transformations when it comes to how we love – for the long term. Love is serious business – especially when we consider how who we love impacts on every other area of our lives. Any fears we may have that we’re just not ‘worthy’ of love – it’s time to transform them once and for all by demanding that we be taken seriously and knowing on a soul level we deserve nothing less.