Weekly General Astrology Forecast December 22

22nd – New Moon in Capricorn – 5 Planet Stellium in Capricorn

22nd – Moon/Mercury/Venus/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

23rd – Saturn enters Sagittarius

  • Plant the seeds of establishment
  • Know that there is no true freedom without structure
  • Your soul path is revealed

This week’s new Moon in Capricorn now only marks the official start of a new cycle for all the Capricorns out there no matter what date their birthday falls on, but asks us all to plant seeds to establish something. There are five planets in Capricorn now – and four of them are conjunct – the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto. We should be planting the seeds of long term transformation and change and nurturing them with love. Thoughts are seeds so consider what you are growing now.

There’s a magic and mysticism to Capricorn that is misunderstood. Time to think in terms of the over-flowing cornucopia that is also symbolic of this sign and less about rigidity. To understand that to be free we also have to have a structure or at least a plan that supports us. Freedom and structure are now set to be themes as Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn arrives in expansive and philosophical Sagittarius on the 22nd and will remain there for approximately two and a half years. Changes in the academic and legal professions, to laws, to how we get around – and our resistance to this, may feature. It’s going to be a period for self-mastery. Freedom is all about having mastery over our own soul journey. It’s about knowing your greater purpose and learning from the experience of travelling your soul path. Your soul work begins with your own personal quest and knowing it is a path that only you can walk. Big events in the collective may challenge our beliefs and get us questioning our path but one thing is certain -Saturn in Sagittarius will reveal whether you’re walking the right one – or not.