Weekly General Astrology Forecast December 15

17th – Mercury enters Capricorn – 3 Planet Stellium in Capricorn

17th – Mercury/Venus conjunct in Capricorn

19th – Mercury/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

21st – Sun enters Capricorn – Winter Solstice – 4 planet Stellium in Capricorn

21st – Uranus direct in Aries

  • What have you established or built using love as your foundation?
  • What needs to evolve but what needs to be retained?
  • Tradition vs. innovation – where do you stand?

Capricorns are probably feeling their birthday season has arrived early due to the build up of planets in your sign which will total four on the day the Sun does arrive – the 21st. Mercury arrives in here on the 17th and almost immediately encounters Venus. Established and lasting love, old-fashioned courtship, building something that lasts and something that sustains are all themes now. It won’t take Mercury long to come into orb with Pluto however and this begins on the 19th. As many of us have experienced to date, Pluto in Capricorn is all about transforming established structures that no longer work and he is also squaring Uranus in Aries who moves direct on the 21st. As a result – upheavals can and will occur if the old established ways refuse to give way to the new order – but only if they are shown to have out-lived their usefulness. What we are all being asked to consider is the fact that many ‘established’ ways of doing things have stood the test of time because they work. It’s knowing the difference between ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ – and something which needs to evolve in order to grow. We could be facing a choice between tradition and innovation. Be aware that traditions can sustain us or alternatively, restrict us. But also that when we don’t innovate we become static and can’t evolve. Also, with Mercury conjunct Pluto in here we may be in store for more revelations around governments, established companies and social orders,  individuals in positions of power who have abused this, the police, banking etc and clashes may result when one side refuses to give way to another. Although change may be inevitable, very often we can fight to the death to prevent it from occurring and companies, corporations, governments are no different. What we resist, persists however.

The 21st is not only the start of the Capricorn birthday season but the Winter solstice – or the Summer one in the Southern hemisphere. Four planets now sit in Capricorn – the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto. Love what works and what you’ve established with love and foresight, but be prepared to change what doesn’t or which needs to grow or evolve. Happy solstice!