General Astrology Forecast January 2015

3rd – Venus enters Aquarius

5th – Full Moon in Cancer (Full Wolf Moon or Old Moon)

5th – Mercury enters Aquarius – 3 Planet Stellium in Aquarius

12th – Mars enters Pisces

15th – Fixed Grand Cross – Moon in Scorpio square Mercury/Venus conjunct in Aquarius square Sedna in Taurus square Jupiter/Juno conjunct in Leo square Moon in Scorpio

20th – New Super Moon in Aquarius

20th – Sun enters Aquarius

21st – Mercury retrograde in Aquarius

27th – Venus enters Pisces

  • Can we let go of mistakes of the past?
  • Be your own revolutionary cause now
  • Love yourself unconditionally then extend this to others

It’s all about the love that’s different in some way this month as Venus slides in to Aquarius reminding us that we all deserve to be loved for who we are and in the words of Billy Joel ‘Don’t go changing to try to please me’. If you feel you have to change to have the love you desire or if alternatively, you want someone you claim to love to change – sorry, that’s not love. Getting the love we need requires that we love ourselves and everything that makes us unique. Aquarius is very much about being able to love someone or something – warts and all, and to know that’s what makes love real. Who remembers the wonderful scene in Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams (Sean) tells Matt Damon (Will): ‘You’re not perfect, sport, and let me save you the suspense: this girl you’ve met, she’s not perfect either. But the question is whether or not you’re perfect for each other.’ This is what Venus in Aquarius is trying to teach us.

The month’s full Moon appears in her ruling sign of Cancer on the 5th and could bring up issues around emotional security, mothering and being mothered or we may feel we need that little extra TLC now. Perhaps we should all be gentle on ourselves and each other. Mercury enters Aquarius on this day also and don’t be surprised if innovative ideas or even revolutionary ones dominate the news at this time.

Mars arrives in Pisces on the 12th and while he’s in here we should see his usual desire for action tempered with a desire to keep the peace. This is a true Warrior for Love transit with Mars able to act as peacekeeper and protector. Hopefully this will translate into peace talks or cease-fires in the world’s trouble spots.

After the Cardinal Grand Crosses we’ve seen appearing this past year or so, we now have a change of vibe as a Fixed Grand Cross appears with the Moon in Scorpio, Mercury and Venus conjunct in Aquarius, Jupiter and Juno conjunct in Leo and new planet Sedna in Taurus. As many of you will already know, I’m including some of these new planets in our 2015 forecasts as their influences are now being felt on both a collective and individual level. This Fixed Grand Cross is asking us to look at whether we are going to keep repeating mistakes of the past or a status quo which no longer works for us, or have the courage and the strength to create something better. As Sedna is the goddess of the pristine Arctic and in an Earth sign, we may be confronted with more issues around the environment and climate change which need addressing – but the question is: will we? The new Super Moon in Aquarius appears the same day as the Sun enters here on the 20th ushering in Aquarius’s birthday season and points towards new and revolutionary ideas and the idea of the individual revolution, but Mercury shifts retrograde on the 21st. Could this just be the sign of an idea that’s already out there but whose time has finally come?

Venus now joins Mars in spiritual Pisces and it’s all about love again – this time of the universal and compassionate kind as well as spiritual love. Creativity and inspiration can join forces and connect us to universal wisdom. If we could stay in touch with that as a soul collective there’s no problem we couldn’t solve. People who have no problems accepting and loving themselves unconditionally, usually have no problem accepting and loving others in the same way. The love revolution begins with you. Perhaps that’s the soul challenge the first month of 2015 is asking us all to love and embrace this January.