General Weekly Astrology Forecast December 29

31st – Moon in Taurus trine Sun/Mercury/Pluto in Capricorn

1st – Moon/Sedna conjunct in Taurus trine Mercury/Venus conjunct in Capricorn

3rd – Venus enters Aquarius

3rd – Sun in Capricorn exact square Uranus in Aries

Think about it, there must be a higher love

Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above

Without it, life is a wasted time

Look inside your heart, I’ll look inside mine


The Moon travels through earthy and sensual Taurus as we say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new. New Year’s Eve sees this Moon make a perfect trine to the Sun, Mercury and Pluto all conjunct in another earth sign – Capricorn. ON New Year’s Day the Moon will meet new planet Sedna in Taurus and both of them will trine Mercury who will by now be conjunct Venus also in Capricorn.

Worlds are turning and we’re just hanging on

Facing our fear and standing out there alone

A yearning, and it’s real to me

There must be someone who’s feeling for me

Things look so bad everywhere

In this whole world, what is fair?

We walk blind and we try to see

Falling behind in what could be


Don’t be surprised if during the transition from one year to the next we are confronted with examples of the pursuit of pleasure for its own sake or actions by people in authority or established organisations or even governments who should know better. Sedna in the mix here is all about purity of intention and cleaning up our emotional acts while Pluto pushes buttons on fears. What we think is going on behind the scenes is revealed as fact. Questions around trust could be raised and we may end up realising that at the end of the day, trust begins within. Of course, enjoying the world’s pleasures is part of our soul journey but we may be confronted with those who have taken this to the point of exploitation or disregard for others.

Venus enters Aquarius from the 3rd the same day as the Sun in Capricorn will square Aquarius’s ruling planet, Uranus. It’s time to take action to become a love revolutionary, to embrace a more universal kind of love.

Bring me a higher love

Bring me a higher love

Bring me a higher love

I could rise above on a higher love

Why do so many songs tell us love lifts us higher or up where we belong? Are you going to reach for that higher love in 2015 no matter that others may be doing to exact opposite? Don’t be surprised if reactionary events take centre stage. We have a choice at this start of this year – to continue to crawl or to opt to soar, so which will it be? The love revolution begins within.