Your Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 12

12th – Mars enters Pisces –3 Planet Stellium in Pisces

15th – Fixed Grand Cross – Moon in Scorpio square Mercury/Venus conjunct in Aquarius square Sedna in Taurus square Jupiter/Juno conjunct in Leo square Moon in Scorpio

18th – Grand Fire Trine: Moon/Quaoa conjunct in Sagittarius trine Eris in Aries trine Jupiter in Leo trine Moon/Quaoa in Sagittarius

  • Be a spiritual warrior
  • You are not your ideas – neither is anyone else
  • Do you want to be happy – or right?

It’s all about spiritual action this week as Mars enters Pisces where he becomes more inner-action than outer-action oriented. This is the transit of the Spiritual Warrior seeking to bring about peace and knowing there is strength in compassion and love.

After the tense Cardinal Grand Cross action we have all experienced in recent times we now have a different kind of energy coming in as the 15th sees a Fixed Grand Cross appear with the Moon in Scorpio, Mercury and Venus conjunct in Aquarius, new planet Sedna in Taurus and Jupiter and Juno conjunct in Leo. It’s all about realising that hanging on to rigid thinking and out-dated ideas is responsible for the problems we experience and continue to create on a soul collective level. We need to embrace the truth that we are not our ideas and beliefs. They are thoughts only and like any thought, we are free to change them at any time. As A Course in Miracles reminds us: ‘Would you rather be well and happy or would you rather be right?’. We are being asked which one we would prefer to be now.

If we are ready for this soul challenge we now have help as the 18th sees a Grand Fire Trine appear that can show us the way to either higher learning or the conflict which can result when we refuse to shift our perspective and embrace tolerance. The Moon and Quaoa (pronounced ‘Kwah-wah’) in Sagittarius can link us to universal wisdom via our own intuition and trine Sagittarius’s ruling planet in Leo (a fixed sign which was part of the Fixed Grand Cross – thus indicating a shift is possible by expanding our perspective) and all trine Eris in Aries. Eris can either cause disruption or conflict or she can enable us to tap into that inner place of security of knowing there is no threat to others holding different ideas and beliefs to our own. Choose to be happy this week – and give up the need to be right.