Your General Monthly Astrology Forecast for February

1st – Venus/Neptune exact conjunct in Pisces

1st – Mars/Chiron exact conjunct in Pisces

3rd – Full Moon in Leo (Full Snow Moon or Full Hunger Moon)

6th – Jupiter in Leo at opposition to the Sun in Aquarius (Will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face fully illuminated by the Sun. A good time to view and photograph Jupiter and four of its largest moons)

11th – Mercury direct in Aquarius

19th – New Super Moon in Aquarius – Chinese New Year of the Goat

19th – Sun enters Pisces – 6 planet stellium in Pisces.

20th – Moon/Venus/Mars enter Aries

22nd – Conjunction of Venus and Mars (A rare occurrence where they will be about half a degree away for each other in the night sky)

25th – Pentagram: Juno in Leo sextile Moon in Gemini sextile Venus/Mars conjunct in Aries sextile Mercury in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius trine Juno in Leo

26th – Sun/Neptune conjunct in Pisces

26th – Venus/Mars/Uranus conjunct in Aries

  • Greet the Year of the Wood Goat
  • An opportunity to bring about true partnerships
  • A second chance to begin again

Big conjunctions occur in Pisces at the start of the month promising an increase in empathy, intuition and creativity thanks to the meeting between Venus and Pisces’ ruling planet Neptune. This is less about personal one-to-one love and more about universal love. However, this self-same day Mars in here meets Chiron. Mars is a power for peace – a spiritual warrior when in Pisces and revelations around what needs to be healed – on a global and individual level are likely to come to light. It’s time to bring that power of love to bear.

The full Moon in Leo on the 3rd could be a real show-stopper – in every sense of the word. Who is craving attention in your world – you or someone else? Why does anyone feel they are going unnoticed? Some people will go to extremes to get the attention they crave – to the point of acting out. We could see examples of this in the media and in our own lives. This is usually a sign that something is missing from someone’s life.

Jupiter will be at its closest point to Earth on the 6th and oppose the Sun in Aquarius from Leo. Those of you who own telescopes should be in for a treat and this will touch on how we suppress ourselves rather than express ourselves and it doing so, deny ourselves success and the freedom to live our lives authentically. Signs of relief will occur all round when Mercury finally shifts direct again in Aquarius bringing to an end his period of retrograde insanity. How was this for you? While it will now be safe to start new projects, sign important papers or buy that new phone, if you can just wait a few more days until he has picked up some traction but snafus, breakdowns and general miscommunications should now lift.

The second of two new Supermoons in a month to appear in the sign of Aquarius appears on the 19th. This will have special significance for Aquarians in particular as well as Leos, Scorpios and Taureans – please see your individual forecasts for more details but this could mark a second chance at a new beginning for many. This new Moon however marks the Chinese New Year of the Goat and also occurs the same day as the Sun enters Pisces and this day will see sis planets line up in Pisces making this a very special start of Pisces birthday season. This is a Wood Goat and highly sensitive and creative – so Pisces will be very attuned to this vibration no matter what Chinese Year they were born in.

The 20th sees the Moon, Mars and Venus enter Aries at different times and on the 22nd we will be treated to a rare occurrence – a conjunction of Venus and Mars. The two planets will be roughly half a degree apart in the night sky. Astrologically and holistically, this represents the possibility of uniting the inner male and female – the Yin and the Yang, in a true partnership. If you are striving for that perfect relationship based on equality and respect as well as love and passion, then this transit not only symbolises that possibility but reminds us it begins with that union happening inside of us before it can awaken in the form of a relationship. Another rare aspect takes to the skies on the 25th as we have the first Pentagram appearing which carries this theme within its heart. The Moon will be in Gemini and that Venus/Mars conjunction is still within orb. Add to this now very much direct Mercury in Aquarius and heavy-duty Saturn in Sagittarius asking us what we have learned so far. Juno is part of this and sits in Leo and Juno is all about understanding the kind of partner we need as opposed to the one we think we want. There may be a push/pull around this due to the fact that Venus and Mars rule the one we think we want. That’s all part of the learning but for some of us it will mean taking what we have learned about partnerships and opting for a new dynamic.

We need to stay grounded in all matters as the Sun meets Neptune in Pisces on the 26th. The reason being we need to prepare for the unexpected as Venus and Mars now encounter Uranus in Aries. This could be the start of the Love Revolution for many of us. So, what’s your revolutionary love move this February?