I See a Black Moon Rising: Two Supermoons = Double Opportunity!

We’re seeing something special happening in the sign of Aquarius right now – so Aquarians and all fixed signs – Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, take note as this will impact on you more than other signs. We have what is known as a ‘Black’ moon – that is the second new Moon to appear in a sign within a month happening on February 19 – the first one occurred on January 20. What’s more both are Supermoons meaning that the Moon is within 90% of its closest pass to Earth. And we all know that Supermoons are the most influential of all.

New Moons of course bring a fresh phase or new beginnings so for all of us, no matter what sign we are, we can say we may be given not one but two opportunities to begin something new or else even a second chance if an opportunity has passed us by. What this opportunity may be or what sphere of life it is likely to occur in is determined by what house of our charts the Moon falls in and your signs forecast will tell you this plus if you know your rising sign in addition to this, then obviously this will allow you to tap into even more information about the potential of these new Moons. Many of us may find that these new beginnings are in fact coming from seeds we planted in the past and we do need to look to the past here as it’s all about learning from our past. If there is a new opportunity coming your way, what has the past got to teach you? What have you learned and when faced with an opportunity today, what are you going to choose or do differently? We create a better future for ourselves and maximise the potential of what major aspects like this can hold for us when we step into the future mindful of past experiences and all they have to teach us. This can range from anything from making a different choice to stepping outside of our comfort zones. To create a new future for ourselves we have to be, think and behave differently and Aquarius is after all, the sign of the individual and the revolutionary thinker!

Of course, many people associate the term ‘Black’ moon with something negative but this isn’t actually the case. The term ‘Black’ here actually refers to the fact that the majority of the Moon’s surface is in shadow in its new phase and is nothing sinister at all!

This second new Supermoon also marks the start of the Chinese New Year of the Goat. This is a Wood or Green Goat and the energy it brings in is all about harmony, peace, cooperation, compassion and creativity. So, if you are faced with an opportunity or new beginning thanks to one or both new Supermoons look at whether or not your new path contains any of these themes or if you can bring them in to your decision making process. When we think of wood and green we think of new growth and that’s exactly what this Super Black Moon can hold for us. When faced with a choice, choose the option that allows you to gain the most soul growth and experience and which will allow you to express your creativity and passion. This February, black is definitely back in style!