Your Venus Sign Dating Secrets – Venus in Taurus

Venus is in her own sign in Taurus and in this sign she is also ruling your bank account. You are therefore looking for someone who is an asset to you on some level and is either materially or spiritually rich. It’s actually not about the money for you per se – although you value money simply for its ability to enable you to live how you choose – usually with sensuality and with an appreciation of the finer things of life. Beautiful furnishings, clothes, jewellery, art works, music – all of these things are as important to you as food is to a Cancerian. Of course, food and wine also come under life’s sensual pleasures as does sex. But it needs to be an art form. Are you seeking a fellow artist or even a muse?

You loathe tackiness, cheapskates, cheaply made goods and environmental vandalism along with people who have no values. You’re willing to wait and get to know someone – mainly to check out their value systems are in-line with yours. You are willing to go the distance when it comes to love and you appreciate quality. Because of this and because of Venus’s association with money in here it is all about the quality. Your ideal match doesn’t have to be wearing designer clothing but they do need to show their self-worth by how they present themselves. Of course you appreciate the quality of that Prada dress or Armani suit. But if that’s not in their budget or what they are about you equally appreciate the well-cared for jeans, crisp t-shirt and sensual perfume or cologne.

So, with all this sensuality and good taste going for you, what could be the problem? Well, for one thing you might have very set ideas about that mate. Sure you need someone who shares your love of music and aesthetics and has a strong value system. But if they tick those boxes but don’t quite fit the mould you created in your head, you may reject them. Part of getting to love for you is pushing your boundaries a little bit and trying something or someone new. Of all the signs, the message of this series of being open to new opportunities in love is meant for you. Embrace the novel and unknown as love does not always come in a familiar-looking package. Your perfect Venus in Taurus film? Something New.

Where do you find a sensual god or goddess? Think beauty and also your Venus sign is an earth sign so there are going to be links to the earth, the countryside and the outdoors. If you can combine these themes you will increase your chance of connecting with someone who resonates with your Venus in Taurus vibe. Art galleries, concerts, antique shows or shops, that wonderful new deli or farmer’s market, hiking, National Trust properties, agricultural shows, music festivals, vintage shops or markets, classic car showrooms (he or she will want the classic version of a sports car – not the modern one), fine furniture stores or departments, interior design showrooms, cookery classes or kitchen showrooms, wine tastings, traditional pubs serving ‘real’ ales or with a fabulous wine list, art classes, fabric stores and environmental groups.

Your Mr or Ms. Right for You Could Well Be:

A jeweller

A musician

A farmer

A chef or restaurateur

Someone who works in the visual arts

A masseur

A landscape gardener

A vintner

A banker or business ‘angel’

An ecologist

An antiques dealer

Remember, if love has been elusive – be open-minded. That is what these Venus dating guides are all about. There is no need to sign up for an activity if it really doesn’t appeal to you. However, if you find yourself at a venue or attending something in your list or which brings you into contact with the themes or people I have mentioned, then be on high alert – love could be found where you least expect it!