Your Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 9

13th – Mercury enters Pisces

14th – Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius

15th – Venus/Eris conjunct in Aries

  • Warrior and Princess, beauty and strength can merge
  • Some returns for more transformation
  • Answers to big questions will be given

Let’s talk about life’s deep mysteries this week as Mercury enters spiritual Pisces on the 13th. Highly abstract and intuitive ideas could abound and all of us if we are open, could receive inspiration from the ‘other side’ or universal consciousness if you prefer. If you ask under this transit, it’s likely the answers will be given – you just need to listen as while Mercury is all about communication, he’s not necessarily about just talking while in here.

Saturn turns retrograde in expansive Sagittarius from the 14th. This is the sign of travel and higher learning. So, it may be time to review what we’ve learned or even established since he entered this sign at the end of 2014. During his retrograde period he is going to re-enter Scorpio for the last time for 28 years. Expect something we thought had either been dealt with or which perhaps has suffered from an attempt to brush it under the collective carpet to reappear. Perhaps to be finally dealt with and transformed. This could well be something to do with established structures such as big organisations, banks or even governments and one thing is for certain, the subject pushes a lot of buttons – but there’s no getting away from Saturn when he says ‘Time’s up!’.

The biggest planetary meeting this week is that of Venus and Eris in fiery Aries. Now, on the face of it these two have nothing in common. Venus is all about romance, beauty, pleasure, sensuality and indulgence. Eris is the archetypal warrior princess with an interesting twist to her. Although she seems tough she’s actually monumentally insecure. Here is where Venus can come in and when we combine the two what do we have? Well, the iron fist in a silk glove is one aspect of this but really it’s about the beauty and strength of the  balanced feminine power. We all need a bit of Venus and a bit of Eris. If we succumb to indulgence and pleasure that’s unhealthy. Similarly, if we overcompensate because we are not in a place of true power, that’s an imbalance too. A bit of Xena and a bit of Gabrielle could be the solution for all of us this week.