Your Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 16

17th – Venus enters Taurus

18th – Mars/Eris conjunct in Aries

20th – New Super Moon in Pisces

20th – Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces

20th – Sun enters Aries – Spring Equinox

Happy birthday, Aries! This week marks the spring equinox (autumn in the Southern Hemisphere) which is always the day the Sun enters your sign. Of course, for all of us this is a call for individual action and how the world perceives us via those actions. What is set in motion or initiated will have far-reaching consequences now as the 20th sees two remarkable events take place – the first a new Supermoon at such a late degree in Pisces that later in the day it passes on into Aries but first we have a Total Solar Eclipse occur. Endings and new beginnings with profound meaning are going to feature and these may originate from a soul or spiritual realisation that propels us on to change things. Expect revelations of some kind to precede this.

Aries’ ruling planet Mars is in his own sign and encountering Eris also in here on the 18th. We’ve just witnessed the Venus/Mars conjunction in the sky and unfortunately for us, Eris is just too remote for us to see her without a powerful telescope as she lies beyond the orbit of Pluto. Where with Venus we can say opposites attract, with Eris, Mars has encountered his feminine equivalent – the warrior goddess and powerful feminine that requires acknowledgement, not suppression. Strong female energy is not masculine but is nonetheless a force to be reckoned with. Pretending if we are women that we are weak, or if we are men that our actions cannot be tempered by our feminine side yet stay strong, is what causes problems when this energy is suppressed and not expressed. Madonna, one of the best examples of this type of energy said it herself: Express yourself. Take action on your own behalf and ditch ideas around being rescued or being a rescuer! This is the transit of the soul warrior who wants an equal by his or her side. Remember, the discoverer of Eris originally wanted her named Xena and this is the positive image we need to remember when we consider an Eris transit.

Venus the embodiment of a different kind of power – that of love, moves into her ruling sign of Taurus this week. No matter what else is going on or what our soul imperative is, life’s sensual pleasures are part of our soul journey. While Madonna may be the material girl, it’s Sting who reminds us we are spirits in the material world. It’s not about what you can buy necessarily, as the lyrics tell us: If it’s something we can’t buy, there must be another way. But expressing our creativity, love, romance, appreciating on a soul level that money is best spent on experiences rather than things, connecting to the beauty of art, music and the enjoyment of good food, good wine and good company. That’s the spiritual truth behind the material world. It’s all samsara. Express it.