Get Your Goddess ON! Venus and Eris meet in Aries

On March 15, 2015 Venus planet of love, harmony, sensuality and beauty meets Eris – a new planet, unfortunately known for strife, discord and disruption! Now, on the face of it we can say these two planets have nothing in common. Also, Venus is not comfortable sitting in Aries as this is a masculine sign ruled by Mars. Eris energy however could be said to sit more comfortable in there. So, are we all in for disruption and disharmony in our personal lives as a result? Let’s look closer at that this conjunction means and above all, at Eris as we are only just now beginning to understand her influence in our charts and in the collective as a whole.

Now, it’s interesting that the discoverer of Eris – the 10th planet in our solar system, Mike Brown, originally wanted to name her Xena after his favourite TV show character. Because of this, to begin to understand Eris energy we should not just stick with the mythological story of Eris but also look at the modern mythology of Xena. Eris has long been portrayed as a troublemaker  – it was she after all who is credited with starting the Trojan war. The story is that Eris was not invited to a wedding due to her ability to stir up trouble. Wedding-crasher Eris then tosses in a golden apple amongst the guests marked ‘For the most beautiful one’. Needles to say a chick fight now breaks out between Aphrodite (Venus), Athena and Hera as to who is the most beautiful and who deserves that apple. In an effort to resolve this amicably (surely not Eris’s intention as she was undoubtedly enjoying the show!), the three then ask Zeus to make a decision. Zeus was hardly an idiot and had no intentions of getting involved, so he passed the buck to one – the ultimate himbo of those days, Paris. Aphrodite saw her way to manipulate the situation and get the apple so she bribes Paris with the most beautiful woman in the world – Helen of Troy.

Now, when we look closely at this chain of events – something previously hidden emerges. For one thing, Eris’s insecurity at being the uninvited guest at the wedding caused her to toss in the apple. But it turns out at the end of the day Aphrodite (Venus) is just as insecure as she has to resort to bribery to win showing that deep down inside she doesn’t feel she would be given the apple on her own merits! By doing this, Venus also reveals she is actually the trigger for the war and not Eris. After all, the goddesses could just have squabbled amongst themselves over it but no – Venus resorts to subterfuge and dare we say it – cheating to win with no thoughts for the consequences. Suddenly when we look at the story this way we begin to see that Eris and Venus may be more alike than we previously thought!

So, when we are not in our true Venus power, we may say we’re beautiful, we may buy ourselves beautiful clothes and spend money on make-up, our hair and other ways to adorn ourselves, but inside we don’t feel beautiful which is where it all counts! Likewise, Eris does and should belong and could have turned up at the wedding anyway, but instead she used her amazing and incredible warrior princess power to stir things up because she felt insecure. Most of us can recall situations where we have felt insecure and not come from a place of true soul power – and then have come across as brash and reacted inappropriately.

Aries is a sign of action and of how we are in the world. When we start to see the similarities between these two planets we begin to understand that true confidence in ourselves and our feminine power – whether we are female or male, enables us to make the right decisions whether it is about relationships or something we want to achieve. We know we ‘belong’ in a connection or a situation and have nothing more to prove.

A more contemporary take on the qualities this conjunction embodies could be the character of Deanerys Targaryen (before she lost control of her dragons!) from Game of Thrones. But, to go back to Mike Brown’s original choice of name – Xena, we can say that the meeting or Venus and Eris in Aries should be more like having our inner Gabrielle and our inner Xena working together to make us confident and unstoppable now – or put another way, we tame our inner dragons, transform and soar!