Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 30


31st – Mercury enters Aries

31st – Mars enters Taurus

4th – Full Moon in Libra (Full Pink Moon) – Total Lunar Eclipse

  • Walk your talk
  • Go the distance
  • Join life’s ultimate collaborative venture

Mercury in Aries isn’t just about talk – it’s about backing up what you say with action. This is a real ‘walk your talk’ transit. We all know that person who talks a good game – usually about how they would do things differently or what they intend to do in terms of their ambitions but never actually get around to doing it. Mercury in Aries asks that we don’t just produce a lot of hot air but put those words into motion. Otherwise – they’re just words and talk after all, is cheap.

Mars enters earthy Taurus now and the pursuit of pleasure and possessions – and perhaps the results of these desires getting out of hand, may emerge. If they do get out of hand – think ‘scorched earth’. Images such as the razing of rainforests come to mind now. Yes, earthly desires and even going after them can be spiritual growth lessons too, but not if they are at the expense of ourselves, our world or even our souls. How many people do you know who have everything but feel ‘empty’? The positive aspect of Mars in here is that he can infuse us with an ability to work hard for what we want – and give us the stamina to see things through to the end. Staying power? That includes relationships as well. It’s important while Mars is in here however to avoid insisting on our own way and to steer clear of ruthlessness especially when it comes to money, and selfishness when it comes to our possessions. If you have enough (or more than enough) then share it. Then you embody Mars at his finest. Mars at his worst in here however sticks in his heels, refuses to budge and says ‘It’s mine!’.

This week’s full Moon on the 4th appears in the other Venus ruled sign of the zodiac – Libra. There will also be a total Lunar Eclipse on this day too.  This is the sign of partnerships and balance. Those of you born under the Cardinal Signs – Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer – especially if you have an ascendant or key points or a personal planet sitting at between 8 to 20 degrees of Libra are going to feel this eclipse the most. For more information see the forecast for your sign. Expect something big to shift around partnership matters – one way or another. It’s not just about new beginnings but something being awakened within us – perhaps a need to be a lot more cooperative than we have been in the past. Life is the ultimate partnership with the universe and the ultimate collaborative venture we engage in with each other. If you don’t have possessions or money to share, then share your time, your experiences and yourself.