Lunar Libra Eclipse – A final wake up call.

Are you ready for the show stopping lunar eclipse?  Strap yourself in and get ready for an interesting emotional ride. There is revelation, twists and turns and insight into your vulnerability versus your true freedom.This Lunar Eclipse is the called Pink Moon (or sometimes the Blood Moon) and as it’s in Libra, it’s all about finding balance in ourselves and our relationships. Pink Moon eclipse wields a hefty lesson but one that should ultimately free us. Back in the day The blood Moon (as it was called) was considered a series omen and a portent of significant change and transformation.

Full Moons in general make us emotional with intense insights and feelings rising from our deepest depths. Our primal instincts are on ‘full beam’ and anything emotional we have shoved under the proverbial carpet pops back up to say hello.

Of course a lunar eclipse is even more powerful and insists we make the necessary changes to free our soul. Relationships are sometimes hard to change. As humans we bond with those we love, even if some relationships are not ideal and sometimes especially if they are not, we cling on. We are often drawn to partners and friendships which mimic our first imprint of love. Our early family dynamics for good, or bad, repeating over and over.

This Libra Full Moon eclipse is a wake up call. How can you free yourself and make your relationships easier? The answer of course lays within us. It does not always mean ending in the traditional sense. It’s about subtle shifting dynamics which allow us to find balance within. However, as this Eclipse is triggering the final Uranus/Pluto square (which has been giving us so many interesting wake up calls and challenges), it’s likely to bring about something that, initially at least, feels unexpected.

This is an energy not to be messed with. If something comes up suddenly, pay full attention. We might also see some dramatic global moments over the next few days. The times they are a changing and especially within us. There may be things you have chosen to ignore but now, must act. This is the crescendo experience of the last 3 years of your emotional work but just as in the Tarot cards the Star comes after The Tower, great healing is at work and suddenly the heaviness has lifted.

The good news is the coming months offer us a different kind of magic. We can begin to explore coming into our power as visionaries and manifestors. When we release the past and what no longer serves us, that is when we soar.