Cancer Love Hacks! Boost Your Planetary Passion for Cancer + Aries

If you have a Cancer Sun, Cancer ascendant, Cancer Moon (Cancer’s ruler) or a personal planet in Cancer – Mercury, Venus, or Mars, then inside you contain a sensitive, caring and emotionally vulnerable Cancer. Family, home and feeling safe and secure are extremely important to you. You become withdrawn when your feelings are hurt or if you feel your security on any level is under threat. Mothering or being mothered are themes that you will deal with in your life regardless of your sex. As such, you may have to take care that you do not ‘smother’ your partner or become mother instead of a lover! Your ideal partner needs to value home and family the way you do and also be able to help you when you are feeling over-sensitive by getting you to come out of your shell and talk about things instead of withdrawing and storing up resentment and hurt. So, how do the signs measure up when it comes to partnering with your acute sensitivity and deep need for reassurance and security?

Cancer + Aries: What do water and fire create? Answer: steam. You are both Cardinal Signs so are great at bringing your ideas into the world. That steam can power the two of you in the bedroom and out of it. Your Aries would be in your life to teach you to express your feelings in the moment and not brood – especially if they are acting like a toddler having a tantrum. Take care this does not tip you into ‘muther’ territory but really this is all about boundaries – yours and theirs on so many levels. You could emerge stronger than you dreamed possible and with a much clearer sense of self. Aries can help you reach your potential and what’s more, strangely enough adores you the more you reinforce those boundaries. This is a soul-growth connection that may sometimes leave you wanting to slap them but it’s also laden with fabulous sex, adoration and love that can inexplicably, go the distance.