General Weekly Astrology Forecast May 4

4th – Full Moon in Scorpio (Full Flower or Full Milk Moon)

7th – Venus enters Cancer

  • Enter the soul depths
  • Open to the desire to get closer
  • Love is with you, always

May the 4th be with you! This Star Wars day brings the deep resonance of a full Moon in Scorpio. This is known as a Flower Moon as it traditionally marks the end to winter frosts and marks the time when it is safe for planting and for animals to give birth. Nature in the Northern Hemisphere is in bloom now. Full Moons bring things to culmination or intense focus. Is something quite literally blooming for you now? Have you been planting seeds for harvest later in the year? Watch carefully what does come to fruition this time and also what buttons get pushed around this. A full Moon in Scorpio can pull us into the soul depths and have us confronting just the very thing we’ve been trying to avoid or which we fear. This can sometimes catch us unawares as the fear can be on a subconscious level and it’s only when it materialises that it gets triggered. There’s always a reason for this and it could just be that this is an opportunity to confront it once and for all – and perhaps get it into perspective as a result. Unlike a full Moon in Pisces – where we may not see things for what they really are – a full Moon in Scorpio gets down to the nitty gritty and shows something for what it truly is. Are we brave enough to face up to that reality check? Or the Dark Side? That’s where we show what soul stuff we’re made of.

Venus enters nurturing Cancer from the 7th. It’s all about feeling loved, nurtured and comfortable with someone now. If all this sounds a little too ‘pipe and slippers’ for some, just remember that after passion has been spent in the bedroom you do need to feel you belong together in every other day and that includes sharing living space and dealing with day-to-day stuff like paying bills and taking out the garbage! Yes, I know that’s not very romantic but that’s not to say Venus in here isn’t romantic. Depending on which house she occupies while in here she can grant your wish for that lasting love and sprinkle stardust over an existing connection, or at the very least provide you with an environment where love can blossom and grow. Getting close with someone over a good bottle of wine or nice meal – very Venus in Cancer, and what’s not romantic about that? Love is the force that is with us all, always.