Libra Love Hacks! Boost Your Planetary Passion!

Love tips for libra

Being Venus-ruled you are in love with love, Libra. You’re also the sign of partnerships. So, the search for that partner – be it in love, business or a creative or collaborative venture, can be a cradle to grave journey for you if you have a Libra Sun, Libra ascendant, Libra Moon or a personal planet in Libra – Mercury, ruler Venus, or Mars. During your journey you may end up trying on many different partners for size – and different types of partnership. You may also be attracted to partners who are very different from you or come from a different background and/or country. This stems from your deep-seated need for wholeness as you sense they will ‘balance’ you out in some way. You are usually creative with a strong aesthetic sense and you will be drawn to partners with a similar leaning. As you value aesthetics looks may be what draw you in initially but you are by no means superficial as if the inner beauty does not match the outer shell, you will move on. So, just which signs may offer you the opportunity for wholeness and balance? Find out!

Libra + Aries: Oh that Aries. Oh so sexy. How can you possibly resist? The answer is: You can’t so don’t even try. It doesn’t even matter if they are somewhat hygiene deficient either. Your usual standards may be thrown out the window in the presence of Aries’ overwhelming machismo or Warrior Goddess vibe. Aries knows what they want and they want YOU. That’s refreshing as you hate game-playing and their directness appeals. Aries is of course, your opposite sign and ruled by Mars. The heat could be intense and here’s the good news – it may never cool down. Surrender to lust and someone who makes no bones about how much they desire you.

Libra + Taurus: Sure you are both Venus ruled but you express your Venus in very different ways. You are more out-going for one thing. Unlike Aries, Taurus may keep you guessing for a while – do they like you in ‘that way’ or not? The anticipation may drive you mad. Don’t try to push them for an answer or hurry things as they will back off. Taurus likes to take their time. Having said that however, the 90 Day Rule may be a good operating point and you need to set a statute of limitations in your own mind about how long you are prepared to wait for things to hot up. A Libra friend of mine once spent 18 months waiting for a Taurus to make the move. He dropped lots of hints there was more to come during this time but never actually got around to it. Although Taurus is well worth the wait, don’t wait too long. If they’ve not made that move by the time the 90 days are up, move on to another sign.

Libra + Gemini: Big talk, big adventures, big love, big FUN. Oh yes, that Gemini has it all and also can turn you on in every which way. Just don’t ruin the romance with competitive mind-games designed to show which one of you is smarter, that’s all. Gemini makes your perfect travel companion, bed companion and life companion. There’s something larger than life about the two of you – you really will be greater than the sum of your two parts. Gemini may satisfy your yearning for the exotic on some level – perhaps via the places you travel together or even in the pets you collect. This is a union designed to be noticed in some way. Expect to be the centre of attention no matter where you go – people are drawn to you both. On with the show!

Libra + Cancer: This one is either Cancer acting like the proud stage parent with you and perhaps offering you the support you need to succeed, or else you end up wondering why they just appear so old and mumsy? (no matter what sex they are or their age). Either their taste or their family’s taste in home furnishings, fashion, art, objects d’art may offend -and woe betide you if you say anything derogatory (especially about their mum’s collection of tea spoons or china poodles). Now, having said all of that, provided none of these issues are there (or you are willing to overlook the offensive family home décor) and there are no co-dependency issues, funnily enough this one could end up being for keeps. You’ll upgrade Cancer’s wardrobe and home and they will offer you their undying love and complete support and usually be so in awe of your beauty and impeccable taste that they fall into line. However, paradoxically, once you’ve got your way, if you feel they are too much of a pushover, you’ll end up looking elsewhere.

Libra + Leo: Is that spotlight big enough for both of you? Yes, you’re willing to share it but are they? You both crave stardom or at least to be the centre of attention on some level. If this becomes competitive or if one of you demands more attention than the other, it won’t work. If however you see yourselves as true partners who compliment each other, then you two will be the Dream Team – in and out of the bedroom! There’s a hint of stardom about the two of you and all eyes will be drawn to you both when you enter the room. Like you, Leo has excellent taste and loves the finer things of life – five star resorts, the best restaurants, designer clothing, art, style with substance behind it. You both know you’re the best and therefore deserve the best – each other.

Libra + Virgo: That Virgo is powerful and magnetic. You know you may get burned, but let’s face it, you’re going to touch anyway, aren’t you? Virgo has success written all over them. They have impeccable style too so there’s nothing to offend your eye either. But step back before you’re all in and do some hard soul searching. Why are you attracted to them? Is it for who they are or what they are? In a way, Virgo is a mirror for you. If you envy their success and are drawn to them because of this (and the worldly and material rewards that accompany it), then you have attracted them due to a deep need to ‘make it’ yourself. Whatever that Virgo is or has may be a reflection of what you feel you’re not or don’t. But the trick here is – you are and they are showing you that you can be too. If however you’ve just hitched a ride on the Virgo train for the benefits, then you’re in for a nasty shock when it makes a surprise stop and you get turfed off it for travelling without a ticket. For success with this one – concentrate on being your own person and your own path now Virgo has shown you all you can be, and know what? That Virgo is going to remain totally fascinated and love you all the more for it.

Libra + Libra: This may feel like being in a relationship with yourself. You both love all the same things. You think alike and your other Libra is just like you – so easy to be around. There’s no arguments over decorating style – just gasps of delight over the latest swatches. This could be intense – to the point where others feel like and intrusion and this may even apply to the two of you having children – you feel you’re enough for each other. If all this seems like mutual navel-gazing you don’t mean it to come across like that. Although you understand one another perfectly, you may after a time feel there is something missing – certainly that heat and lust you’d find with an Aries. If you’re both not willing to work at keeping the passion alive you may end up like well-dressed roommates living in the perfect art-directed home – where the sheets never get rumpled.

Libra + Scorpio: Jackpot time! Scorpio is your ticket to Lust Vegas – with a stay at the Bellagio thrown in. Scorpio is the whole package for you – smart, sexy and often a high-roller to boot. If you’re hiding a kinky streak behind that carefully crafted image of yours, Scorpio will unleash it. Scorpio isn’t interested in the superficial – they like depth. Be a bit of a dark horse to begin with and don’t wear your heart on your sleeve like you usually do. Scorpio enjoys mystery – and unravelling them. They will also drip-feed you snippets about themselves without revealing too much so play them at their own game. This can be the start of a lifetime of discovery and pure sexual intensity that never ebbs. One word of warning: Available. Ensure your Scorpio is before you get involved. Don’t fall for ‘S/he doesn’t understand me’, ‘I will leave as soon as (insert here excuse du jour)’ or ‘It’s complicated’. A Libra-rising I know once went on a date with a Scorpio quantum physicist who tried to prove to her via fuzzy logic that he wasn’t actually married. Fortunately he didn’t succeed in convincing her or the people sitting at the adjacent tables in the restaurant. If your Scorpio is available put all your money on them. If not – walk away and save yourself from betting on a loser.

Libra + Sagittarius: Like you, Sag is easy-going and just wants to get along with everyone. They don’t hold grudges so any lover’s tiffs are quickly forgotten. Sag has an arsenal of repartee and banter at their disposal and like you, has a natural curiosity about well – everything. So, Sag is more than your match intellectually. Their slightly untamed sexiness makes you weak at the knees. But if it’s joined-at-the-hip closeness you crave, then Sag may not be for you. If you understand what Sag means when they say they want ‘their space’ – in other words, their ‘me’ time, and are okay with that, then the two of you should do just fine. If however this makes you insecure and clingy as you wonder who or what they are with or up to, this could be doomed. Sag does not do needy and does not like anything which curtails their freedom. When they talk about ‘freedom’ all this usually amounts to is knowing they can have their own space when they need it – and not sharing that space with anyone. No, they are not off with someone else, they are off thinking their own thoughts and recharging. If you are happy to give them this and do you own thing while they do theirs, you could be on to a winner.

Libra + Capricorn: Capricorn is looking for someone they can take seriously so first ask yourself if you are ready for this? If you are into one-night stands or your style of dressing is a sparkly boob-tube and cut-offs, or jeans that expose builder’s cleavage then your chances of snaring Mr. or Ms. Capricorn are somewhere between a snowball vacationing on the equator and Saddam Hussein being posthumously proposed for sainthood. Capricorn may not be one for declarations of love but they show you love by keeping their word and in the things they do, and even give. Like you, Capricorn likes the best but their taste may be more understated – and even more expensive. Capricorn believes that success comes from effort and hard work so they are willing to do whatever needs doing to make a relationship work. They are also very aware of their image so would not dream of being seen with anyone who reflects on theirs badly (hence my comment about boob tubes and builder’s cleavage). No matter their age, Capricorns radiate a certain maturity. Those still at the stage of emotional adolescence therefore need not apply. If you’re ready for the real thing and a love with substance, this is it.

Libra + Aquarius: You two could ignite so much passion in one another it may take you a while to realise that in some areas you have absolutely nothing in common. It could then come as a shock to you that this actually doesn’t worry you as much as you thought it would. That shared couple-stuff is just so over-rated. There’s enough common ground there to make getting along easy and enough differences of opinion to make things interesting. When you’re with Aquarius you’re having fun and this means you may be willing to overlook their numerous eccentricities that would drive others nuts – at least some of the time anyway. Like Sag, your Aquarian may require some ‘time out’ – to wander off or sit in their man-cave, fortress of solitude or well. You may actually come to relish these times as it means you get some ‘me’ time too and can re-connect with your normal friends for a bit. Life will never be dull with an Aquarian and at times it may get a little too interesting, but boring? Never!

Libra + Pisces: Be afraid, be very afraid. Unless Pisces has made it in their designated area, then ensure you are not going to be the one working to put Pisces through med school or bankrolling their latest business venture. Yes, all that attention they are showering you with is addictive, isn’t it? The adoration, those compliments! But are they coming at a price? You could end up being the practical, pragmatic one here and the thing is, in the end your Pisces could end up resenting you for that – especially if you have to be the one to tell them you are turning the money tap off. You need to find out all you can about your Pisces at the start of the relationship – their previous relationship history, their work and their credit history. Look carefully for any patterns that emerge. If your Pisces is successful and is holding down a job, then go for it. If they are still trying to work out their direction in life and have nothing to offer you but a bag full of grand schemes and dreams, my advice is to get out, and fast.