Cancer Love Hacks! Boost Your Planetary Passion!

If you have a Cancer Sun, Cancer ascendant, Cancer Moon (Cancer’s ruler) or a personal planet in Cancer – Mercury, Venus, or Mars, then inside you contain a sensitive, caring and emotionally vulnerable Cancer. Family, home and feeling safe and secure are extremely important to you. You become withdrawn when your feelings are hurt or if you feel your security on any level is under threat. Mothering or being mothered are themes that you will deal with in your life regardless of your sex. As such, you may have to take care that you do not ‘smother’ your partner or become mother instead of a lover! Your ideal partner needs to value home and family the way you do and also be able to help you when you are feeling over-sensitive by getting you to come out of your shell and talk about things instead of withdrawing and storing up resentment and hurt. So, how do the signs measure up when it comes to partnering with your acute sensitivity and deep need for reassurance and security?

Cancer + Aries: What do water and fire create? Answer: steam. You are both Cardinal Signs so are great at bringing your ideas into the world. That steam can power the two of you in the bedroom and out of it. Your Aries would be in your life to teach you to express your feelings in the moment and not brood – especially if they are acting like a toddler having a tantrum. Take care this does not tip you into ‘muther’ territory but really this is all about boundaries – yours and theirs on so many levels. You could emerge stronger than you dreamed possible and with a much clearer sense of self. Aries can help you reach your potential and what’s more, strangely enough adores you the more you reinforce those boundaries. This is a soul-growth connection that may sometimes leave you wanting to slap them but it’s also laden with fabulous sex, adoration and love that can inexplicably, go the distance.

Cancer + Taurus: This one may seem too easy for you. Taurus loves all the things you do – good food, a comfortable home, easy living. Taurus plans for the future and takes money seriously so financial security isn’t the issue here. Neither is the sex as you are both into sensuality. The problem could be it’s as easy as falling into that gorgeous, huge, comfortable bed you’ve invested in that your insecurities cause you to question this and look the gift-bull in the mouth. Surely there must be something wrong? It can’t really be that simple, can it? The road to true love is rocky, not smooth, surely? You’re waiting for the catch, for the other shoe to drop, for the secret that shatters the whole thing. Are they really working back late like they told you? Before this all gets out of control and you start demanding they account for every minute away from your presence, stop and take a deep breath. When Taurus says they are working late, it’s a pretty good bet they’re working late. They’re solid, loyal and usually predictable. Don’t let doubt ruin what is a very, very good thing.

Cancer + Gemini: Not for the faint-hearted. Gemini will let you know they are smarter than you in oh-so-many subtle and not-so-subtle ways. And while feelings of insecurity can be misplaced with a Taurus, with a Gemini that nagging intuition that they may just be up to something may be entirely justified. You may be on different pages and have different values. Gemini is not known for sentimentality and you have that in spades. Of course you are drawn to their wit, charisma and blazing, blatant sexiness – you are only human after all, but after a while you’ll need more and if they start dismissing you like an annoying child, their attractiveness will tarnish quickly. You need to ask yourself if your Gemini is just talking a good game, or bringing one? If it’s the latter and you want love to last, keep a certain sense of autonomy in the relationship even though your desire is to share everything. That includes everything from your own friends to your own back account. This can work but your bravery and stoicism may be tested to the limit.

Cancer + Cancer: Pass me the cup cakes and the comforter! Just ensure that one of you doesn’t mother the other. Nobody understands your moods or sensitivity better than another Cancer after all. You can both create a home that nurtures you and gives you the security you both need. It’s more than bricks and mortar, it’s a nurturing environment. Your kitchen is your temple and where miracles of nourishment and sensuality are created. You both want the same things and understand family matters and the past is always present with you. So, what’s the down-side? Well, they are every bit as sensitive and moody as you are. New Moons, full Moons actually every phase of the Moon, and like you, they showcase an entire new galaxy of mood swings. You of all people should know you only have to wait for a day or so for a change to appear. Comfort eating when stressed means both your waistlines could expand as neither one is likely to discourage the other from doing it. Do they really have to go on about their family all the time when their mother is such a needy, nagging whiner? Sure, you talk about yours but your family is different. Provided one of you doesn’t start acting like a child and the other the parent, this one can be the love-match that endures and sustains you both.

Cancer + Leo: Leo is likely to sweep you off your feet and in a very five star way. Leo will make you feel like the most special person in the world as you bask in the golden glow of their attention and generosity to a background sound of champagne corks popping. Leo does things in style. Just have a care and see through the glamour and the glitter to whether or not there is real substance underneath all this. This is one connection where you need to pay attention to your considerable intuition and not be diverted from what it is telling you by Michelin-starred restaurants, baubles from Cartier and rooms at the Burj Al Arab. Yes, your Leo may be exactly what they appear to be – generous to a fault with those they care about, adoring and devoted. Or you may discover you are just the latest in a long line of lovers who have mistaken all this attention for the real thing. Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

Cancer + Virgo: What a cosmic, karmic, click this is. Both of you will probably feel it at your first meeting. The corny term ‘made for each other’ comes to mind. You love the way your Virgos mind works. In fact you love everything about them because they make you feel like you’ve come home. To those past lovers who might have said they were anal or detail-obsessed you would reply ‘Rubbish’ right before knocking them on their butts. That in no way resembles the person you love. You adore the way their mind works, their ideas and the fact that they back up everything they say with action. They love the way you look out for them and you love the way you can rely on them. You’ve got each other’s backs, minds and hearts. Relax and let love flow and there should be no problems.

Cancer + Libra: You get along like milk and Oreos but is that really enough for you, Cancer? Libra may just be so easy going and happy to please that that essential ‘oomph’ is missing. It’s got nothing to do with you wanting things to be difficult. Just that unless there are sexy planetary placements in Scorpio for you both or your Libra has Mars or Pluto prominent in their charts, then this one may look and feel more like a very good friendship – and perhaps that’s all it may turn into. Not that there is anything wrong with that but this may not be what you signed up for. People may think you are mad but you know what you need, so despite their good looks, superb grooming, impeccable style and amiable nature, you may find yourself saying ‘thanks but no thanks’. Libra will want to remain friends. You need to ask yourself if you already have enough of those. It’s a lover you seek after all. If the necessary Scorpio influences are present however, then this could be an entirely different ball game.

Cancer + Scorpio: When this is good it is scorchingly hot good. From the moment you meet you probably can’t keep your hands off each other. Then there’s all that tortured depth of that Scorpio soul, sucking you in, opening you up to experiences you never dreamed existed – much less thought of participating in. This one could be a highly creative, transformative, high octane, rock and roll ride that goes on for years – perhaps forever if you’re lucky. When this is bad however – this is crash-and-burn territory riddled with jealousy (yours, theirs or their bunny boiler ex’s), obsession, manipulation, domination, power-plays, control and if you’re really lucky, the odd bit of stalking thrown in for good measure. Whatever happens, enjoy the ride and one thing’s for sure, you’ll never be the same again.

Cancer + Sagittarius: Much depends here on your Sag’s level of emotional maturity. We can say this about any coupling but it applies more to Sag than almost any other sign. As I have explained to other signs, it’s the illusion of freedom Sag needs as opposed to actual freedom. But they go through an extended adolescence which can last until their 40’s – or longer in some cases, where they don’t get this essential key to their happiness and yours by default. Until they do, you could be setting yourself up for heartbreak as you’ll be drawn in by their larger than life sexiness and adventurous side. You’ll fall hard and fast and the moment you suggest you stay home and cuddle is the moment that Sag is out of that door or basically acting like a rebellious teenager. And the problem is unlike that teenager, you can’t ground them or threaten to take away their privileges. Think grungy, dope-smoking Brad Pitt while still married to Jennifer Aniston. She put up with the adolescent. Angelina got the mature man. Make certain which one you’re falling for.

Cancer + Capricorn: Capricorn is of course your opposite sign and has a lot to offer you as you have to offer them in return. You share the same values and home, stability and security are equally important to you both. If you’re still living through your bad boy or girl phase, then you could dismiss Mr. or Ms. Cappy as too staid and boring. However, being let down, dumped or your heart broken gets tired real quickly. Suddenly that ‘nice’ reliable guy or gal looks pretty damn good to you. They call when they say they will. If they are going to be late – they let you know. Capricorn does not come across as out-going or blatantly sexy like the Geminis and Sagittarians out there, but their dry and killer sense of humour, extraordinary staying power and well hidden sensual side more than compensates you for that. Plus you know you can trust them and they take their commitments seriously. What’s more they understand that anything good in life requires work – which they’re not afraid of, and investment – which they are willing to give. Suddenly, what’s not to love?

Cancer + Aquarius: If you’re ready to look at the world differently and not afraid to have your views, ideas and beliefs on anything and everything challenged, then this one could really work for you. This especially applies if you are one of those Cancerians who feel they are the black sheep of the family – or born into the wrong one. Believe me, they do exist. If so, you could just have found a kindred spirit who understands the need you have to walk to the beat of your own drum and will walk with you, beating theirs but not necessarily to the same rhythm. Rebel-without-a- pause Aquarius can have you questioning the validity of everything you have always believed or held dear and its important to remember there is no harm in doing so. Your beliefs and ideas are thoughts and your thoughts are not you, so don’t see this as criticism or worse, a personal attack. It’s just your Aquarius’s way of finding out what makes you tick and in doing so you’ll discover there’s more to what you think than you ever believed possible.

Cancer + Pisces: Hello Prince or Princess Charming. The bond you share is highly intuitive and you could quickly become one of those annoying couples who finish off each other’s sentences.  Provided skeletons in closets, drugs, alcohol, gambling, mental illness or a prison sentence don’t ruin the fairy tale, this could be as close to heaven as you get on earth. Your Pisces won’t bother to hide their adoration and will sweep you away on a tide of creative and thoughtful gifts, sweet words, amazing cooking and passionate love making. What’s more they are usually happy to defer to you when it comes to making the big decisions in the relationship – or at least capitulate with very little argument. Just ensure you don’t have to rescue the Prince or Princess from that tower however. No matter what they tell you, they’re quite capable of slaying that dragon by themselves.