Your General weekly Astrology Forecast July 13

16th – New Moon in Cancer

18th – Venus enters Virgo

19th – Moon/Venus/Juno conjunct in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces

  • Caring and nurturing – how important are these roles to you?
  • Define your own family unit and place to belong
  • Opt for a real love

This week’s new Moon appears in its ruling sign of Cancer asking us all to look at the roles of mother, being mothered, caring and being cared for. Do we value these the way we should? It is via the act of mothering that we birth the future and caring evolves us as it shows our compassion. None of these should be dismissed in importance – yet sometimes we take these roles for granted – until we are in need of nurturing and care ourselves. It’s time for us to look at these issues and illuminate them with the importance and recognition they deserve. And also to ask for care and nurturing if we are in need of it – and not think of ourselves as weak for doing so either. The importance of family and home is another area which this new Moon illuminates so how are you part of that or creating that for yourself? Family begins with a sense of belonging. Do you belong with the family you were born into – or have you had to create your own? It doesn’t matter which. What matters is the importance you place on it.

Venus in Virgo means a deep appreciation of love’s details while not falling prey to criticism which can be the death of love. For those of us coupled up, think of all the little things your partner does for you (and the big) rather than focussing on what they don’t. Focus on their good points rather than their bad. Venus and the Moon run into Juno also in Virgo this week and all three oppose Neptune in Pisces. We can all see love for what it is – warts and all and no longer fall under the spell of illusion. Opt for a real love with a fatally flawed fellow human being now, not a fairy tale if it’s a happy ending you are after. Little things mean a lot this week, so don’t waste time on what you think you’re missing, focus on what you have.


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