Pisces Love Hacks: Boost Your Planetary Passion!

Sensitive, empathic and dreamy you are in love with love Pisces and always see the best in others. However, when it comes to lovers this can lead to disappointment  when you discover they are not capable of living up to the potential that you see in them. It’s all a question of soul evolution. Your trusting nature and faith in love can lead you to jump in before you really know what the other person is all about, and this is when disappointment and heartbreak result. Of all signs, you need to take things slowly and following the 90 Day Rule may not be such a bad idea if your goal is to forge something lasting and to avoid heartache. Above all, if true love in your goal, you need to work on being your own best lover first and in fulfilling your own needs if you want that partner who truly loves, supports and respects you and really does live up to your expectations. As you are so sensitive, you can look for love in all the wrong places and you need to avoid this at all costs. Also, steer clear of anyone who needs ‘fixing’ as they can take advantage of your compassion. The only person we can fix is ourselves and your job is to work on that and not on anyone else. Steer clear of anyone with addiction or substance abuse issues, money issues or even trouble with the law or who is unable to hold down a steady job. If you get involved they will drag you into their drama. You deserve better. So, which signs are most likely to live up to that shimmering potential you detect?

Pisces + Aries: You are likely to view your Aries as the prince or princess of your dreams. If so and your relationship is in the beginning stages please re-read everything I wrote in the intro. Aries is hardly patient and passion is their middle name. So chances are they are going to try to rush things along and you will be more than willing to be carried along by them because they just seem to be the man or woman of your dreams. Please put the brakes on. This one can indeed last for both of you but it will be up to you to determine the pace and ensure both of you fall in love with the real person and not just the fantasy. Because Aries has you on a pedestal as well and the problem with all this is that sooner or later, the person comes tumbling off it. Better to get to know one another warts and all and take it from there. If you do you could be rewarded with one of the most passionate and fun-filled unions you could dream about. Aries is here to test how good your boundaries are – and here’s a little secret to them – if you reveal yourself to be a total pushover they will eventually lose interest. Play up your ability to be a little bit mysterious and unavailable. Better yet, tell Mr. or Ms. Aries you are a 90 Day Rule person and you’ll earn their respect as well. The act is, if they are not prepared to down-shift to your schedule, they are not worth having in the first place. Set the pace and the hero or shero of your dreams could be yours.

Pisces + Taurus: So much to talk about and you so dig Taurus’s creative vibe not to mention their obviously sensuality. Taurus is usually not in a rush so this pairing can really work in your favour as it gives you both time to really get to know one another before you get in too deep. Usually you will like what you see and both come to realise that this is something truly special. Once you move into the bedroom you both generate enough heat to power a large city but again, don’t be in a hurry to get there. Taurus likes to savour each stage of the relationship – a bit like a five course meal (which of course, Taurus also loves). There is the possibility of meeting your Taurus somewhere close to home, on your commute, going about your daily business or at a local group, church or community meeting. Hollywood superstar Bill Paxton (Taurus) met his wife on a London bus and this was after he had starred in movies like Aliens, Titanic and True Lies. Keep your eyes and ears open! There is also the possibility with Taurus that you strike up a friendship first which evolves into something deeper as you both realise you can’t live without each other. Again, this is all to your advantage as you discover your Taurus really is all they appear to be.

Pisces + Gemini: Flirtatious Gemini will make you feel that you are the centre of their universe one minute – until their attention is snagged elsewhere the next second. Not knowing where you stand can be both infuriating and irresistible all at the same time. If you’re feeling you’re addicted to love, then chances are there is either a Gemini or someone with planets in Gemini involved. This is another sign where slowing down is advised. Is your Gemini reliable? Is their version of the ‘truth’ giving you pause for thought? I’m not saying that all Geminis are unreliable but you need to watch for red flags which include not calling when they say they will, persistently cancelling arrangements at the last minute and leaving you with nagging doubts as to the explanation or worse, offering none; not being available when you truly need them but of course, expecting you to always be available for them – especially at short notice. Gemini will test you by calling at the last minute and asking what you are up to. This is usually because 1) they are bored 2) everyone else has blown them off and 3) – most importantly, they are checking on your neediness level and ability to say ‘How high?’ when they say ‘Jump!’. If any of this sounds a little too close for comfort my advice is to put some distance between yourself and the Gemini. This can be anything from telling them you are busy when they call asking if you want to meet in an hour to permanent unavailability. Become a card carrying 90 Day Rule-r and you may just emerge with your sanity and self-esteem intact.

Pisces + Cancer: Cancer offers everything you are looking for and more in one totally loveable and irresistible package. You share the same views on so many things and may even have a major hobby or interest in common. You may even meet via this interest and start off as friends or activity buddies and then find there is so much more going on. Or you could encounter one another at a concert, party or event. The two of you are born romantics and both of you appreciate those little thoughtful gestures which say ‘I love you’. They don’t have to be expensive – just meaningful. This can be a highly creative partnership and if it goes the distance children are highly likely as you will both yearn for that home and family. There’s a certain playfulness between the two of you which is unlikely to diminish over time. Cancer takes a long time to truly open up and trust the other party so if you don’t start off by being friends first ad get to know one another that well, Cancer will have no problem taking things slowly as they know trust takes time to build. Just bear in mind however that you can destroy that trust very easily by lying – even little white ones. If Cancer catches you out – and believe me, they are as intuitive as you are so will know from the get-go you are stretching the truth, you will not be able to rebuild the trust between you. So, no matter how embarrassing or painful the truth is, always opt for it. It will set you free to have that forever kind of love.

Pisces + Leo: If you want to know what it feels like to be the one in control of the relationship then try your hand at some lion taming. Leo is putty in your hands. Shania Twain wrote about this one: ‘That don’t impress me much’. This may be the first time Leo has encountered this as of course he or she is used to universal adoration (and capitulation). The fact that you remain unimpressed by all that sparkle, glitter and golden glow just adds to your allure in Leo’s eyes. Leo wants the prize because in Leo’s mind – they deserve the best. The more you demure, delay and continue to look baffled or bored at their attempts to impress, and the bigger the prize you become and they will now absolutely, positively have to have you and will do anything it takes to do so. Throw them the odd compliment but sparingly as if praise is a £50 note. Make it genuine when you do so however. Remain slightly aloof and ensure they know if they want you they have to make an extra effort as their usual tactics are not going to work. Understand that this one really is your choice one way or the other, and that by your actions Leo will know exactly what is expected – and where they stand.

Pisces + Virgo: How may Virgos does it take to change a lightbulb? Only one but first they have to worry about it, obsess some more and then of course, spend an inordinate amount of time going through the various lightbulb options. Once the correct lightbulb is chosen then also expect time to be spent on cleaning the shade, replacing it (repeat the above step at length as they painstakingly go through the many lampshade design options), and for the process to continue as they worry about power consumption or the state of the ceiling or wiring and whether redecoration or calling in an electrician is necessary afterwards. That being said if you are a Pisces who has trouble with managing your budget, paying your bills on time, organisational skills or understanding how to list something on eBay, then your Virgo can be your knight or knighess in shining armour as they will just love to help. Virgo is your opposite sign so they contain your polarities and missing pieces. We can say therefore that you can fill in each other’s gaps as you offer Virgo that much needed spiritual perspective and to show them that life is far more than schedules and balance sheets. Don’t abandon your Virgo to a lifetime of OCD behaviour and worrying about their diets. Instead roll together in abandon under those 600 thread Egyptian cotton sheets. Together you add up to perfection. Forget lightbulbs – you can change each other’s world.

Pisces + Libra: Libra can have you breaking the 90 Day Rule or vows to at least take it slowly. You can end up obsessing about them night and day and dying for your next ‘fix’. In the bedroom Libra fulfils your every fantasy and as they usually have a well-concealed kinky side, may get you enacting some new ones. Easy to get along with as Librans are the sign of partnerships and therefore strive for harmony, creative, lovers of music, the arts, design, good food, wine and fine things in general, Libra has a great deal going for them and much that appeals to you. Like Leo there is a touch of star quality about them and they usually have a desire to shine in some way. Unlike Leo however, you are NOT in control of this one, the Libra is. Although you may be dreaming about them at night and obsessing about them in your waking hours, please try to resist the fear that unless you quickly close escrow and get them in the sack someone else will steal them. Libra would like you to think this may happen as they know the effect they are having on you. If you feel you cannot stick out the 90 Day Rule at the very least commit yourself to 30. Libra does not mean to lie or keep things from you, but the truth may be getting either stretched or omitted completely until you are in over your head. It’s then you discover the string of exes (or worse, the current one), the debts (all run up in the line of pleasure or beauty), or that secret past. Take it slowly and wait for the other Manolo Blahnik to drop.

Pisces + Scorpio: Okay. I am not going to say a word about 90 Day Rules here because if you can go 90 minutes keeping your hands off your Scorpio that will probably be a record. The attraction is instant – on both sides. Travel, learning and love all combine and if your philosophy is that love is a journey or an adventure, then you could just have met a life-long travel companion. Your Scorpio is destined to expand your world in some way. Expect some of the following themes to feature – even perhaps in how you meet or interests you pursue: long distance travel, foreigners, the law, religion, philosophy, academia, sports, the outdoors, the media, horses and large animals, games of chance, luck and comedy. You’ll encourage each other to think big and pursue those dreams. This is the big love you’ve been waiting for.

Pisces + Sagittarius: You have a ruler in common – Jupiter, and like you, Sagittarius is a mutable sign. You’ll be on the same page on so many things as a result with the same outlook and interests. Both of you are flexible and adaptable with a love of spontaneity and the ability to not care what others think – it’s what you think that’s important. The only caution I would throw in here is that Sag is a bit more of a daredevil than you are so if you are not really comfortable with base-jumping off the Shard, please say so instead of going along with it. Sag will not be upset if you do. If you are happy with occasionally splitting up to do your own thing then this one offers spiritual freedom and the opportunity for soul growth at the same time. Sag may occasionally exaggerate things – that’s just their way. They rarely hold grudges. If you can stop the fun and the great sex long enough, you both have the ability to succeed together and make money. Come up with a plan as to how you can fund that shared lifestyle you dream of and you may just attain it. Success is yours if you can understand it’s the combination of the two of you that makes it work.

Pisces + Capricorn: The perfect lover with whom to perfect the 90 Day Rule secure in the knowledge that you most probably won’t ever have to implement it again. Capricorn is your keeper. The thing is, Capricorn is equally happy to take things slowly and get to know you too. Although Capricorn can seem serious at first they usually hide a deeply sensitive side and their early life very often has not been easy which is why they had to get serious at an early age. Once you understand this and discover their deep well of humour and amazing love making, you’ll feel safe revealing your own wounds and insecurities. The two of you should enjoy a fulfilling social life. Capricorn can sometimes come across as critical or stern. Don’t take this to heart when this side surfaces. Believe it or not they come from a place of love and woe betide the person who dares to criticise you aside from them as they will leap to your defence. Capricorn adds a dash of realism to your dreams which means they are able to help you make them come true. They may in themselves be the realisation of a dream you already have – but better and more real than you ever dreamed possible.

Pisces + Aquarius: You may have the same spiritual beliefs, interests in anything from Manga to quantum physics in common and you are not that phased when Aquarius withdraws but you may be hurt when Aquarius snaps at you for asking them if they is anything they need. If you are happy to leave them to their own devices and also to understand you may have played out this dynamic before in a previous lifetime, then this can be a stimulating connection as when Aquarius is fully present in the relationship they will make you feel as if you and no-one else matters. However, it may all get a bit tired and you may end up craving the kind of closeness your Aquarian doesn’t seem capable of giving you. If insecurity starts to set in as in you begin to wonder just what they are up to during all that ‘alone’ time then it may be batter to quit while you’re ahead and just remain friends. Aquarius can be that lifelong friend and even travel companion and there are many astrologers out there who would argue that you are better off keeping it on this level from the start. I believe that whatever form the relationship takes both parties are in it for a reason – which may not be immediately apparent. By all means give this a try but be prepared to set the terms and conditions which suit you.

Pisces + Pisces: Here comes the second fish in your sign, the one who was swimming in the opposite direction but now swims alongside. You know each others thoughts, dreams, vulnerabilities, likes and loathes. You love the same things. You’re completely in sync as when you want to just stay in together, so does your Pisces mate and when you’re in the mood to party or take in your favourite band – so are they. As a couple you could just represent that unattainable ideal that turns others green with envy – simply because you seem so right for one another. Your goals are the same – a love and a home of beauty, spirituality, serenity and peace.  Together you can make attaining this look effortless – because it is. Chances are your fellow Pisces has been through the disappointment mill the same as you. If you want a 90 Day Rule they will be happy to go along with that – or even suggest it themselves. There’s something so accommodating about you both that you swim along with barely a ripple. Dive into a sea of blue heaven.




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