Your Weekly Astro Tarot Forecast August 3

Aries – King of Swords: Someone may cause you to revise your opinion or even overthrow a long-term belief. It’s time to be open to others’ points of view and to understand we are not our ideas. Don’t be threatened by new perspectives – or feel you have to defend your ideas. Open mindedness opens the doors to new friendships.

Taurus – King of Pentacles: Singles could attract someone whose voice just makes them swoon. Work calls for you to bring your experience to the table and provide leadership skills. Don’t hide behind false modesty or underplay your talents. It’s talent and track record that counts now.

Gemini – The Moon: Your intuition is nudging you in the direction where success lies. It’s time to establish something for yourself whether this is a place to live, a family, a career, a reputation or a business. You are being guided down a certain path. Commit to it – and to the destination.

Cancer – Knight of Swords: Your neighbours, your commute, siblings and how you communicate dominate the week. You could be exchanging ideas or even flirting up a storm with someone who can match you intellectually or even hook you in mind, body and soul. You won’t have to travel far to find them either.

Leo – Strength: You’ve drawn your signature card this week, Leo. Bravery and self-determination are at the heart of what you do as you push yourself towards greater achievements. Others think you are not short of confidence but chances are you’ve had to conquer something to get where you are today.

Virgo – Two of Pentacles: That balancing act you’ve been performing with your finances shows all the signs of coming to an end. For now however, keep spending to what you need as opposed to what you want. Your love life and your career may take equal juggling but time to lighten up lies ahead.

Libra – Three of Cups: With you it’s usually any excuse to celebrate but now it could well be something worthwhile. Business or commercial ventures could finally pay off especially if you’ve been building on success in stages. This time you’re earned the right to celebrate while preparing for the next stage.

Scorpio – The Star: Connect to archetypal energy this week and embrace your inner guiding archetype. If you research which one it is chances are you’ll not only be living in your full potential, you’ll be able to see where your destiny lies which is most likely in the direction of your ideas this week.

Sagittarius – Knight of Pentacles: While your usual style is to rush in, the Knight of Pentacles asks you to survey the scene first and then take a long term view on what you want to accomplish. Success can be yours – with the monetary gains you seek but you need to finally understand you have to take it in stages.

Capricorn – The Empress: Someone to love and to share love with? It’s no good if one is giving and the other is not giving back. Your ability to love is not in question now but how’s your ability to receive it? Do you feel you have to give all and prove your love with too much attention or gifts? Time to be open to being loved for who you are.

Aquarius – The Sun: No prevaricating or skirting the subject. Time to be up-front and make your point with confidence. If you want something – ask for it. If that scares you think about it as an experiment to see how many times you get a ‘yes’ instead of a ‘No’. The answers may surprise you.

Pisces – The Fool: You’re approaching a new beginning on some level this week and it’s important to head into it with an open mind and an open heart if it involves another person. Just because things have not worked out the way you wanted in the past doesn’t mean history will repeat itself. Embrace new beginnings – and outcomes.




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