Your Weekly Astro Tarot Forecast August 10

Aries – Five of Wands: You may be feeling beset by little niggling problems of issues which just as you sort one out, another two takes its place. Others may feel that you’re in competition with someone else for that job, mate, project, recognition. Those you see as competitors offer the greatest gift as they spur you on to extra effort.

Taurus – Ten of Pentacles: A goal now falls within reach or you feel secure enough to kick back and enjoy the rewards of your efforts. Don’t forget – success is empty if you don’t share its benefits with those you care about. A new home, job, increased wellbeing or even a new pet could be just part of the good life for you this week.

Gemini – Temperance: Call on your life experience now and see how you have been forged in the fires of transformation. What’s different about you compared to say 12 years ago? If you’re faced with similar scenarios now call upon what you’ve learned in the intervening years and choose differently this time.

Cancer – The Lovers: A new and perhaps unconventional romance could beckon hut whether you’re single or taken you may find that you have to make a choice – between one love or another. This may not involve two lovers (although it can) but be between other commitments and Cupid. Which one will win or can you strike a balance?

Leo – Nine of Cups: What have you been wishing for? You could be celebrating the attainment of a dream. But don’t forget there’s always another interpretation – is your wish granted only for you to discover you actually don’t want it any more? Sometimes the universe grants our desires only to sit back and have a good laugh at our expense. Hopefully you’ve wished in accordance with your heart.

Virgo – Ace of Cups: Experience the power of love in your life either in the form of a new relationship, the rekindling of passion or even how letting go and forgiving allows love to once again flow into your life. Time to forgive others and yourself unconditionally if experiencing new love on some level is your desire.

Libra – Queen of Pentacles: It’s time to stand by your values and the value you put on yourself in both your personal and professional relationships. You now have the ability to make your money go further – simply by carefully managing your resources. You’re planting seeds for future success this week so defer gratification until later.

Scorpio – Three of Pentacles: Fresh work opportunities, a new job offer or just a chance to up-skill yourself could present itself. Business communications take precedence over everything else as you respond to orders, emails, presentations or pitches. Commerce combined with good communication is the key.

Sagittarius – Two of Wands: Push forward and create this week – that project or plan has the ability to succeed if you channel your energy into it. Above all, you need to believe in yourself and that you have the ability to see it through. Don’t just sit on your ideas – make them real.

Capricorn – Eight of Wands: Travel is a real possibility now as is dealing globally as messages or even people from afar reach out. Those of you about to launch a product, pitch, website, business, blog or any form of communication should time it for this week. News travels far and wide – and that includes gossip. Make sure your message cannot be misinterpreted or misunderstood and choose your audience.

Aquarius – Four of Pentacles: Are you focussing on what you don’t have rather than what you do? Could you be suffering from a mindset of lack instead of abundance? It’s all very well to conserve your money and resources but as producer Mike Todd famously said ‘I’ve been broke but I’ve never been poor. Being broke is temporary, being poor is a state of mind.’ If lack isn’t the issue, share abundance with others.

Pisces – Page of Pentacles: Take things slowly especially with regards to business and work. A money making opportunity may not be quite what you expected but it contains the potential to lead to other things. If offered one, take it and don’t quibble. You’ll see in the long term that you made the right choice.





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